Cloudjumper is a Stormcutter in How to Train Your Dragon 2. He is Valka's dragon and they share a very strong bond that Hiccup admires.


Cloudjumper is proud and dignified and as a result is not as playful as Toothless, but kind enough to scatter baby dragons away who trifle with Toothless. He is also sensible to support Valka in many occasions without clear communications. Cloudjumper's pride, large size and confidence leads him to believe that he is the top dragon in Valka's mountain, second only to the Bewilderbeast who is the true King. Though he is mostly serious, he knows how to have fun, such as pouring snow on Toothless.


All that is known is that it has an owl mannerism and a second set of wings under his main ones that can actually splay and become an X-wing


How to Train Your Dragon 2


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