Performer: James Cromwell
Appeared in: Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

The Colonel is the main antagonist in Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.



After Spirit is captured by the United States Army, he meets The Colonel. The Colonel has his men attempt to tame Spirit, but the horse manages to outsmart the other riders. Spirit is then ordered to be tied to a post for three days without food or water. The army captures a Lakota Native American named Little Creek and Colonel gives Little Creek the same punishment as Spirit. During the next morning, The Colonel attempts to ride Spirit and to Spirit's dismay, he cannot buck The Colonel off of him. Some time after Little Creek and Spirit break free of the ranch, The Colonel and his army attack the Indian camp. The Colonel points his gun at Rain and shoots her, causing her to fall into a river. Spirit kicks The Colonel off of his horse and runs off to save Rain. When Spirit destroys the locomotive, The Colonel and a couple of wranglers follow him and Little Creek. After Spirit jumps over the canyon for freedom, an army man raises his gun towards Spirit. However, The Colonel stops the man from shooting Spirit and gives the horse and respectful nod. Spirit nods back and The Colonel parts away from him.

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