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Commander Pigo is Lord Marmoo's younger brother and right-hand man, former commander of the Scorpion Army and Stinger's uncle from Kulipari: An Army of Frogs and Kulipari: Dream Walker.


Pigo and Marmoo grew up in Cardigal when when it was known as Terra Australis. And their Scorpion Army fought in a hidden war against Darel's father. And when Terra Australis was destroyed, Darel's father deserved his respect, like Darel later. When he fought the frog army under Marmoo's leadership, he fought relentlessly. But later he turned to the good, and served as a member of the Council. And when Chief Bindi came to ask for help in rescuing his adoptive son, Koa, he went to protect Darel. But when Lord Darkan's troops attacked him, Darel, Dingo, Ponto and Xava, he defended them at all costs, but then he cut off his sting and fell down from the waterfall.