The Cow is from Bee Movie Originally the cow in bee movie was going to be a bigger part. In a 2010 interview Seinfeld mentioned his intentions of the cow character. The cow was supposed to be a more tragic character. He was supposed to be someone Barry could rely on when he was troubled. "The cow was originally supposed to be voiced by John Goodman" says Seinfeld in the interview. John Goodman was eager to play the role because he wanted to focus on kid's films again after his success in Monster's Inc. The cow was basically supposed to be on death row, just waiting solemnly to be taken to the nearby slaughterhouse. The cow was jealous if Barry's free lifestyle, wanting to not be so excluded from his other brethren, unlike Barry. Barry then explained to the cow that it is a free lifestyle, but it doesn't last so long. But the cow objects by saying "No matter how fast a good thing goes by, even in just the slightest second, the whole world could blow up and that moment could never be taken from you". This was supposed to be the cow hinting about the flower crisis at the moment. Dreamworks found the role too depressing and bleak for the film. Jerry Seinfeld objected by saying "the cow teaches important lessons on cherishing moments and being grateful for what you have". Dreamworks then green lit the scenes, only It wasn't intertwined with such a depressing scenario. Seinfeld still demanded it his way, before the head of Dreamworks stated "This isn't Disney, we aren't going to be compared to them in our own independant release. And if you want to make such a movie driven with flowers and bright sunlight, then scenes like this just wouldn't work out. After the incident Goodman and Seinfeld got into a scuffle over the incident. In a review with Goodman he mentions, "Of all the people in Hollywood I have the least respect for Jerry Seinfeld. He is a blithering and stubborn idiot who only wants things done in his "artistic way", hehehe yeah look where that artistic representation of Bee Movie got him, a miserable excuse for a kid's movie, Seinfeld didnt do Jack squat for artistic." Seinfeld and Goodman have never set aside their differences, and are still in a rivalry. Other actors considered for the cow were Mike Myers, Steven Wright, Tom Sizemore, Sean Bean, Rowan Atkinson, Dana Carvey, Adam Sandler, David Spade, Michael Madsen, and Ice Cube. Michael Madsen was seriously considered, even doing some voice work, but Dreamworks stated that he wasn't a big enough name. Mike Myers stated "I'm glad I wasn't casted, I would've fought the same way with Seinfeld, and I just couldn't sleep at night knowing I was in a fight with such a talented actor."

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