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“Crabcavator (episode)”
Season 8, Episode 6
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"Drillipedes (episode)"
"Ankylodump Games"

"Crabcavator" is the seventy-second episode of Dinotrux and the sixth episode of season eight, also known as Dinotrux Supercharged.


Skya and Dozer narrowly escape D-Structs and D-Stroy by jumping a chasm. Returning to Renegade Base, Dozer-fed up with the constant repairs and danger they have faced-suggests that the group "mound down", a Dozeratops term for hiding out. Skya criticizes the move as cowardly, while Ty insists that the Renegades have a responsibility to help the Crater's inhabitants. Needing more parts for repair work, Revvit and Click-Clack go to collect Bitbugs, only for a Washer Wasp to damage Click-Clack's tongue.

In order to repair Click-Clack, the Trux head back to the sea they'd visited previously in order to obtain a bearing pearl from a Clamp Clam. After being modified for aquatic operations, "Aqua Ty" heads underwater, and finds a pearl only to be attacked. Returning to the service, he describes the pearl thief, and Revvit identifies the creature as a Crabcavator minus its usual shell. Modifying himself and the other Trux, Revvit accompanies Ty back underwater.

They soon find the Crabcavator, who identifies himself as Kelper Shellcracker III, and learn that he is collecting bearing pearls to melt them down into a new shell. The Trux offer to build him a new shell in exchange for the pearl to repair Click-Clack, and begin doing so below water while being menaced by Aquadons. Kelper eventually panics and tries to go back on the deal, but Dozer convinces him that he can't hide from the outside world. Kelper is soon fitted with his new shell, and Dozer recommits himself to the Renegades' mission.




  • It unknown what type of angler fish species is called.
  • Sea turtle like Tortool appeared but wasn't named yet.


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