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―Creek whenever he pokes Poppy's nose.

Creek is one of the major characters in the DreamWorks Trolls franchise. He was a former close friend and former crush of Poppy.

He is the secondary antagonist of Trolls, one of the main characters of Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, and a supporting character in Trolls: Trollstopia. He is voiced by Russell Brand.


Official Description[]

Creek is the most positive, supportive, reassuring Troll in all of Troll Village, approaching everything with Zen like wisdom. He’s calm, collected and capable. But being beloved by everyone sometimes has its drawbacks, and literally lands Creek in hot water.[1]


Creek has a serene, Zen-like state of mind. Like most trolls, he is positive, excitable and deeply dislikes "bad vibes". His personality, from the mellow English accent and belief of things such as "auras", indicate he was based off a hippy.

However to everyone's surprise - including Creek himself - when under extreme stress he shows that he actually isn't as cool-headed as he seems; with his life at stake, his true nature is a treacherous, selfish coward to his core. Creek outwardly admits that he doesn't want to die and is willing to betray his entire species so that he is the only one to survive. It's unknown to what extent Creek felt remorse for these actions. He says to Poppy that he would have to live with the guilt of his betrayal for the rest of his life; by killing her she was dying with a clean conscience that he envied and sparing her the pain of having to make a choice like Creek did. However, when falsely luring the trolls outside of their fortress he shrugged slightly, implying that he felt no regret for his betrayal and would do it again to save his own life.

Before his betrayal, Creek seemed to lack a villainous nature hinting that his betrayal came out of a pathetic sense of self-preservation rather than lingering malice or an antagonistic streak. However, through his interactions with Branch, he was somewhat condescending for the grey troll's pessimistic attitude and encouraged him to be a more positive person, implying his state of serenity made him arrogant to those who didn't share this mindset.

Physical Appearance[]

Creek has purple skin, grey-blue eyes, long straight blue hair with a green and teal tip, and wears bright yellow trousers. He has thick blue eyebrows and a large, orange nose.



When Branch is being rude to Poppy, Creek comes in and tells Branch to try being more positive, but Branch ignores him and storms off. Creek tells Poppy to tune out his "negative vibrations", and playfully boops her nose.

During the party that night, Creek is one of the Trolls to get taken by Chef (the Bergen who was banished from Bergen Town twenty years previously by King Gristle Sr. for letting the Trolls escaping from them). Poppy desperately tries to save him, but he is instantly stuffed in her fanny pack along with the other Trolls who were captured.

The next day, Creek and the other Trolls have since been locked in a cage by Chef and are about to be eaten for Trollstice. Chef grabs Creek and feeds him to King Gristle Jr., but before he is digested, he jumps out of his mouth and pleads with Chef to spare his life, offering to help her kidnap all the other trolls instead. Chef accepts and stores him inside a gem, and when Chef captures the other trolls who were previously rescued by Poppy and Branch, Creek reveals himself and tells Poppy that he wished that there was another way to avoid getting eaten, and that he will have to live with this decision for the rest of his life. Then stealing her cowbell and using it to lure the other Trolls in the village to get captured by Chef and her assistants.

After Poppy and the other Trolls make peace with the Bergens later on, Creek and Chef are knocked out of the Bergen castle on a wagon and sent rolling away.

Some time later, the wagon stops upon a hill. Creek is initially relieved, but Chef regains consciousness and attempts to eat him. At that moment, the hill reveals itself to be a giant monster and it swallows them both whole.


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  • Creek probably knew that Poppy liked him as he would playfully, slightly flirtatiously, and secretly evilly, "boop" her nose, like the way Dave from Penguins of Madagascar would do the boop to Private.
  • Even though Poppy formerly had a crush on him, Creek never liked her. He might have pretended to, but we can see that in the film when he betrays Poppy and her friends. If he loved her back, why would he betray her?
    • He might have done so in order to save his own skin and somewhat allowed Poppy to be eaten just to have her heartache stopped immediately all at the cost of losing his chance of being Prince.
  • Despite redeeming himself in Trolls The Beat Goes On and Trolls: TrollsTopia, Creek doesn't appear nor is mentioned in Trolls World Tour, likely making the previously mentioned shows non-canon.


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