“'Cutter, you're a fine officer. You have discipline, courage, ability... but you seem to have a weakness for the lower orders that I find disturbing'

Colonel Cutter is General Mandible's assistant and the secondary antagonist of Antz, but he later reforms. He is wing ant, he is 42 years old. He is voiced by Christopher Walken.

Role in the film

Colonel Cutter was General Mandible's right hand man and supported him until the last moments of the movie. He is one of the few ants with wings. He appears to be cruel and cold but in reality he had a kind heart and a sense of respect for the workers. He felt that workers should be respected because of all they could do. He felt remorse for letting the workers die and at some moments objected to Mandible's plan.

After learning Z's location from Weaver, Mandible sent Colonel Cutter to bring Princess Bala back and kill Z. Colonel Cutter was also a great tracker and quickly managed to find Princess Bala alone. He kidnaps her back to the Colony but doesn't kill Z. When he brought Bala back to the Colony he was surprised at her cruel treatment by General Mandible. But he forced his feelings down and continued with Mandible's plan.

Moments before Mandible flood Mega Tunnel, Colonel Cutter began to have his doubts about the plan. He attempted to talk Mandible out of drowning the workers but after being reprimanded by the General he continued with the plan. However during Mandible's speech he began to feel remorse for the workers and when Z managed to dig to the surface he knew that the workers could do anything after seeing them build a ladder of ants. Mandible attempts to kill Z, but Cutter, finally having enough of Mandible's evil ways, turns against him, and instead tries to help Z, stating that is what's truly "For the good of the colony". Mandible, enraged, snaps and screams "YOU USELESS, UNGRATEFUL MAGGOT! I AM THE COLONY!" Mandible charges at Cutter but Z pushes Cutter out of the way, and he and Mandible fall into the flooded anthill. While Cutter saves Z, Mandible ends up smashing against an upturned root, killing him on impact. Cutter saves Z and the colony and replaces Mandible as General.

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