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“D-Stroy (episode)”
Season 7, Episode 1
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"Xee (episode)"
"Doom Run"

"D-Stroy" is the fifty-ninth episode of Dinotrux and the first episode of season seven, also known as Dinotrux Supercharged.


While on a Supcercharger run, Dozer hits upon the idea of supercharging his mound, and becomes intent on proceeded despite Skya's attempts to dissuade him. As the Trux leave, Skrap-It observes them from a Dragonflopter, and at D-Structs' command begins collecting the Bitbugs. However, he is then attacked by several Scraptors, and D-Structs' impatience causes a cave-in that drops him into a canyon filled with the creatures. D-Structs is briefly able to hold them off while supercharged, but when the charge wears off he ends up with disabled treads and his tail stolen.

Upon hearing Skrap-It's description of a nearby mountain, D-Structs orders him to go there and informs him that he will find another T-Trux. With Waldo's help, Dozer supercharges his mound only for it to go haywire; meanwhile, Skrap-It makes his way through Nightmare Valley to Dark Mountain. There he meets the other T-Trux, who agrees to come with him after learning that D-Structs sent him. Dozer then enlists Ty and Revvit in his attempt to recover a piece of his mound, but refuses to heed their advice about going to Skya for help.

The other T-Trux, accompanying Skrap-It back to see D-Structs, is revealed to be his brother D-Stroy, the two having become estranged after an unfortunate encounter with some Hydrodons. At the same time, Dozer's refusal to ask Skya for help leaves both him and Ton-Ton stranded on a cliff ledge. In parallel situations, Skya and D-Stroy offer to help the stranded Trux, but only after Dozer and D-Structs admit to being wrong. With the two crises averted, D-Structs and Skrap-It head home, but D-Stroy overhears that they are heading for The Crater.





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