D-Structs is the main antagonist of the Netflix TV series Dinotrux. He is a Tyrannosaurus Trux and Ty's arch-nemesis.

In Dinotrux

D-Structs had lived in the Crater for an unknown length of time prior to the ar becoming as cold and ruthless as rival of Ty Rux, and was well acquainted with its environs and feared by its inhabitants. At some point in the past he attacked Dozer and Blayde's herd, an act that led to Blayde becoming as ruthless as D-Structs himself. When Ty first entered the Crater D-Structs confronted him, demanding that he leave and refusing to heed Ty's suggestion that they could share the Crater in peace. After defeating Ty he told him to leave once again, and was stunned when he found that Ty had remained and formed a group with other Dinotrux. Faced with four-to-one odds, D-Structs backed down, but wasn't about to abide Ty's presence in "his" Crater.

After seeing how Ty and his friends benefited from their friendship with Reptools, D-Structs found the Scraptool Skrap-It and pressed him into service as his own personal repair crew, promising the chance to scrap Ty in exchange for his services.


D-Structs is a mean and cranky bully, who loves to break and smash things. He is selfish and uncompromising, refusing to even consider the idea of peaceful cohabitation with other Dinotrux.


D-Structs is larger and fiercer than Ty, usually winning if they ever battle each other one-on-one, though Ty has proven a formidable adversary for him. He originally possessed a wrecking ball tail like Ty, but his had spikes on it; it was later removed during his attack on the fake Reptool ravine. Skrap-It later provided him with a saw as a replacement, which allowed D-Structs to cut through wood and metal; however, it would get stuck in rock and lacked the smashing ability of D-Structs' original tail. Skrap-It would later construct a new tail using parts stolen from The Garage that could function as either a wrecking ball or a claw, making D-Structs even more formidable in combat


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