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Quotes said by Death[]

I never do this...but can I get your autograph? Been following you for a long time. Sign right here.
―He pulls out a wanted poster of Puss and points to the word "dead" four times.

Everyone thinks they'll be the one to defeat me. But no one's escaped me yet.
―Death during his first meeting with Puss in Boots, foreshadowing his true persona.

I just love the smell of fear.
―Death relishing Puss's fear after he draws blood on the cat.

Go on, pick it up. Pick it up! Pick! It! UP!
―Death, taunting a disarmed Puss to continue their duel.

You know… I'm not a cat person. I find the very idea of nine lives ABSURD! And you, didn't value ANY of them. So, why don't I do us both a favor and take this last one… now?
―Death telling his reason for wanting Puss dead.

This is gonna be fun.
―Death before dueling Puss on the Wishing Star.

GRRRGH, ¿POR QUE DIABLOS JUGUÈ CON MI COMIDA?!? (Translate: Why the hell did I play with my food?!) GRRRRGH! You're RUINING this for me!! I came here for an arrogant little legend who thought he was immortal… But I don’t see him anymore…
―Death’s villainous breakdown and defeat and showing his new respect for Puss.

Live your life, Puss in Boots. Live it well. You know that we will meet again, right?
―Death allowing Puss to live his last life.