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Bao (pig)

Bao is a character in the Nickelodeon television series Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. He is a pig who serves as the leader of two other pigs, Tsao and Lao. He and his comrades first appeared in "Master Ping", where they sought to learn the secret moves of kung fu.

Bear-Trapped Bear[]


The Bear-Trapped Bear (a.k.a. Ted the Bear, Bear-Trapped Teddy or Percy's Bear) is the minor antagonist of VeggieTales. He is a bear covered with a bear trap all on his right bottom paw in The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps. He roars a lot of times, and he gets all better. When cured, he hyperactively roars a lot, which Larry gets horrified and yodels, but the bear destroys the whole vet room.


I'm a whore for applause!

Blake is Larry's arch-rival in Father of the Pride. He has an alcoholic wife named Victoria.


When Blake jumps on Sierra and the lights go out, it is a reference to the E. H. Rhinelander movie Opposites Attract, when Don jumps on Rosanne and shuts the lights off to strip her.



Boomerang Thomas Stone is a brown and white horse who is owned by Abigail in Spirit Riding Free. He is the pet horse of Abigail Stone and he hates Maricela. It is unknown how Abigail got him, but was later revealed in a webisode called Fast Friends.




Breakneck is the one of the villains from Turbo FAST. He first apperead in the episode Ace of Race where Chet was in a saftey race with Ace Gecko but Breakneck crossed the road in front of Chet. He later supported Turbo showing how fast he is but White Shadow saw him taking bets as the only one betting for Turbo while everyone else betted on Ace Gecko but Ace and Breakneck were working together. Later at the end of the episode Whiplash saw Breakneck and knew that Breakneck was behind all this running off with Ace Gecko.

Butch LePray[]

Butch LePray is the most dangerous bandit on the frontier. She appears out of nowhere and robs folks blind. No one has ever come close to catching her, because no one has ever seen her face (except for Lucky) and lived, Luckily in season 7 Butch was caught robbing a train and is currently in Prison.

Cajun Cliche[]

Cajun Cliche is a character from Turbo FAST.


According to the mayor of a bayou, Cliché won seven times in a row. However, he cheated by telling the story of Clamsquatch, a clam with a beaver leg and trashed his hometown to scare very fast racers away. While there, Skidmark, wanting to find out if Clamsquatch had laser eyes, headed out to the woods, forcing to get eaten.


Callie is a popular girl at P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. in the Cleopatra in Space TV series.


Callie has long pink hair.

Cleopatra in Space[]

In Surprise, Callie push Cleo out of the way and introduce herself and saying that she is the best at everything.

Chica Linda[]

Chica Linda is a mare who is owned by Pru in Spirit Riding Free.


  • In Spanish, her name translates to 'pretty lady'.
  • She could have once been amongst Spirit's heard. As whether or not intentional she has some resemblance with Spirit's mother Rain in the film the show was based from. Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron.


Coverton is an alien that appears in Monsters vs. Aliens the TV series.

Personality and inventions

Coverton is slender and wears a red robe that keeps him warm. the monsters think he"s stinky.

Coverton invented the calasifier, the telekenetic blowtorch, cofee creating dispensor, and tutor commandercommander.


he made an alliance with Gareenteen, who is the leader of eggman"s death eggs.

coverton did not get to win to defeat team monster and monger.

Daisy (Rhyme Time Town)[]


Daisy is one of the two main characters of DreamWorks Rhyme Time Town. Her personality is energetic and yet playful. Her best friend is Cole. She is also tomboyish which is shown when she was playing knights with Humpty Dumpty and Cole because she doesn't want to be rescued or be a princess. She's gray with purple dots around her fur, with black eyes with a hint of navy blue. Whenever she's wearing a costume while playing with Cole it has a daisy on it representing her name.

Daniel James "DJ" Catnip[]

Daniel James 'DJ' Catnip is one of Pandy's best friend.


Physical Apperances[]

DJ Catnip has Lavender/Medium Purple fur, he wears a Hot Pink/Crimson hoodie, which has a neon pink cat-head shaped pocket in the middle. He has Green eyes with Light Green drifting to Yellow Green scleras, a pale blue nose, in his mouth, he has a single fang (or as Gabby puts it "His favorite tooth"). His elastic legs and tail have Yellow, Cyan, Steel Blue and Hot Pink drifting to Magenta stripes that glow when he's really happy or when he's showing his groove.

He also a led visor that appears in some episodes and his song. the visor is black with green kitty eyes in it.

Dr. Emilia[]


Dr. Emilia is the main antagonist of Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts.



Elbone (Iced Out)

Elbone is a fisherman of Huttsgalor and one friend of the Rescue Riders from Dragons: Rescue Riders. He’s the kind of guy who wants to look for a new job because he doesn’t like fish. But no matter what kind of work idea he comes up with, he comes back as a fisherman when that work doesn’t go well.


Fung is the leader of the Croc Bandits in the series Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, who gets frequently frustrated by the ineptness of his crew and usually expresses it by throwing down his helmet and yelling "Darn

Grandma Wilson[]

Grandma Wilson is a character in Father of the Pride. She is the founder and owner of Grandma Wilson's Bed & Breakfast who only appeared in "Donkey."


  • Grandma Wilson was once rumored to be voiced by the late Nan Martin.
  • It is unknown how old Grandma Wilson is, though she looks to be in her 70s.


Gustav is a minor antagonist in the DreamWorks franchise, VeggieTales. He is an alien from an unknown galaxy. He runs a fishing business and then becomes the new Mayor.


Gustav lived in Greece and ran a fishing business. This made him a rival to Nicky's father. He didn't like the family as they represented hope, and wanted to get rid of it. He finally had the opportunity when Nicky's parents died from an illness and decides to antagonize Nicky for giving fish away.

Prior to Nicky's return, he eventually became Mayor and made things cost money. When the daughters to his former employee were caught giving things for free, he warned them that they had three days to pay a fine, or else they'd be thrown in jail. However, someone was helping them each night, and he was in a wild goose chase catching the person who was helping the daughters.


Harpy is a background character in the film Casper's Scare School and a supporting character in the TV series of the same name. She is one of several monstrous creatures that attend the Scare School.



Harpy, like Wolfie, behaves like the animal form she is asociated with, in this case she usually behaves like a bird. She caws most of the time and uses very few words.

Physical Appearance[]

Harpy looks like a mythological creature half bird half human. She has an almost human face, but her hair, like the other parts of her body, is made of blue feathers and has wings for arms. She also has sharp teeth and green eyes with slit pupils.


The only skill Harpy has shown is the ability to fly, which is useful for escapes.



Harpy was among the many friendly creatures that were banished to the Valley of the Shadows, who later teamed up with Casper to finally break out of the Valley of the Shadows and save the world from the principals of the Scare School. In the end, she and the other creatures of the Valley of the Shadows are seen celebrating along with the humans and creatures of the Scare School after they managed to stop Alder and Dash with their evil plan. After all, Harpy and the other young creatures from the Valley of the Shadows were apparently brought to Scare School with the same goal as Casper, to be a scary creature.


Harpy already seemed adapted at Scare School to be a scary creature, so much so that she was even a close friend of Thatch, the meanest student in school, and constantly helped him in his plans.

Hi Larious[]

Hi Larious is a character in Father of the Pride. He is a snail comedian who tries to be funny, but he isn't. He features in a plot against the lions with the tigers.


Hi Larious is a comedian who tries very hard to be humorous, and he also likes to tell jokes to everyone.


  • His name is a pun of 'Hilarious'.


Gus (VeggieTales)

Gus is a yellow gourd who runs an auto repair shop and only appears in the VeggieTales episode "Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving".


He works as a auto repairman for Main Street. Laura's dad asked if he can fix his truck, however, Gus said pay money for fixing only. Junior and some of the townspeople decided to pitch in to give money for him to fix the truck. Gus then helped out and fixed the truck just in time for Laura's dad.

Physical Appearance[]

Gus is a yellow gourd with grey hair and thick brown eyebrows.

Cora Prescott[]

Cora Prescott is Lucky's bossy aunt in Spirit Riding Free and Spirit Untamed, she came to Miradero to help Lucky grow into a fine young woman with posture but later in the series moves it the inn because she feels like she doesn't fit into Frontier life.

Cora claims that she would never let a barn animal into her home but she showed a weak spot when she adopted Clancy, a goose who was meant to be Christmas Dinner in Season 2.


Emerson is a character in Father of the Pride. He is a lobster who doesn't like Larry.

Emerson only appeared in "And the Revolution Continues," in which he was the main villain.



Emerson is really arrogant and when Larry saves him twice, Emerson won't thank him, which Sierra finally notices and calls off her friendship with the lobster and then she throws him in the sewers.

Bao (panda)[]

Bao is a young giant panda who resides in the secret panda village. He is a new character that will make his first appearance in the film, Kung Fu Panda 3. He will be voiced by Steele Gagnon.


  • In Chinese, "bao" has several meanings, including "precious" (traditional Chinese: 寶?; simplified Chinese: 宝; pinyin: bǎo), which is also the meaning of Po's name.
  • Bao's name in the Chinese version of Kung Fu Panda 3 is "泡泡", which literally means "bubbles" (pinyin: pàopào).


CatRat is a Gabby Cat who is very sneaky, but cares deeply for his friends.



He's the playful, squeezable collector of all things shiny. Thanks to his delicate bone structure, there’s no space too small for him to squeeze in or out of, which means you never know when he’s going to appear out of nowhere from somewhere inside the dollhouse! While he’s a bit of a know-it-all and always thinks he has the answers to any problem that arises, he really does have a good heart and can always make his friends laugh.

Physical Appearance[]

CatRat is a cyan blue cat with dark blue marks. He has black eyes, white muzzle and tummy markings. The tips of all his paws are Medium Stone Gray and he also has a striped long tail.

Bork the Bold[]

Bork the Bold (formerly known as Bork the Very, Very Unfortunate) was the great-great-great-grandfather of Gobber the Belch, and, in the film continuity, was the author of the very first Dragon Manual. He apparently had a pet sheep named Willie, the last sheep of his unsuccessful flock, just as his descendant Gobber has his pet sheep, Phil. His voice actor is Jim Cummings.


Bork begin his life on an island as he exits out his hut he then steps on a rake and accidentally knock down his torch and burn his hut. After that a rainstorm came in and Bork got strike by lightning. He started out as a shepherd until his flock of was reduce to one sheep left by the Gronkles. He then start blacksmithing and place iron shoes on a yak until a Deadly Nadder snatched it away from him.

Darius Bowman[]

Darius Bowman is one of the main protagonists in Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous.


Official Description[]

Darius is super smart, kind of awkward, and knows everything there is to know about dinosaurs. He uses this knowledge to complete the unbeatable Jurassic VR game, and secure his spot as one of the very first visitors to Camp Cretaceous. Though he’s the youngest of the group, that doesn’t stop him from helping his newfound friends survive in the park after disaster strikes, showing not just his leadership skills, but his tendency for heroism along the way.