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Adora, also known as She-Ra, is the titular protagonist of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.


Adora has long blonde hair with a pony tail. She has blue-grey eyes. She-Ra wears a red cape.


  • Originally, Adora was supposed to be an adult like the 1980s version.



Catstaspella is the top sorceress of Mystacor ans its current ruler, Queen Angella's sister-in-law, Glimmer's aunt, and King Micah's younger sister.


"In the Shadows of Mystacor", Castaspella noticed Glimmer visiting her and she was so excited that she came. She then gave her a hug along with Bow.


Double Trouble[]

Double Trouble is a shape-shifter mercenary and later a spy for Horde. They are non-binary just like their voice actor Jacob Tobia and use pronouns "they/them".


  • Originally, Double Trouble was supposed to be a female human warrior with blonde hair.



Frosta is the princess of the Kingdom of Snows and member of the Princess Alliance in Rebellion. She is the youngest of the princesses in Etheria.

Official Description[]

At 11 years old, Frosta is the youngest princess in the Alliance. Not only is her kingdom one of the most powerful kingdoms in Etheria, but her ice and snow powers make her an essential member of the Rebellion. Even though she is new to the throne, she's a stickler for rules and is very particular about how she likes things done.


  • Originally, Frosta was supposed to be an adult woman with light blue hair like her 1980s counterpart.


Sea Hawk[]

Sea Hawk is a sea captain who joins the Rebellion, and a main character in the series from DreamWorks/Netflix, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

He is voiced by Jordan Fisher.

Official Description[]

Sea Hawk is a bombastic, braggadocious, charming, and roguish pirate. He is also sensitive and has a strong desire to be liked (especially by Mermista). All in all, his bright energy, tall tales, and sea shanties make him fun to have around.

Physical Appearance[]

Sea Hawk has a mustache and wears a red neckerchief.



Hordak is the supreme leader of the Horde on Etheria and is the main, later secondary antagonist in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.


Horde Prime[]

Horde Prime is the progenitor of The Horde, Lord Hordak's genetic template, emperor of the known universe and the true main antagonist of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.


Horde Prime is considered one of the fifteen DreamWorks Animation villains to be pure evil, along with Mandible, Tzekel-Kan, Ke-Pa, Drago Bludvist, Queen Usurna, Commander Sendak, D-Stroy, Bloodwolf, General Morando, White Bone Demon, Grimmel the Grisly, Dr. Emilia, "Big" Jack Horner, and Catra who is from the same series as Horde Prime.



Perfuma is the princess of Plumeria and a member of the Princess Alliance in the Rebellion.

Official Description[]

Perfuma is a peace-loving pacifist and possesses a surprisingly strong core. She believes the Universe will reward good and punish evil. Though if the Universe takes a little too long, she isn't afraid to take matters into her own hands.


Shadow Weaver[]

Shadow Weaver, formerly know as Light Spinner, is the second-in-command of the Horde. She later decided to help the Rebellion after being betrayed by Hordak, but she is still hated by the heroes and they keep her as a prisoner.

Official Description[]

Shadow Weaver is a powerful sorceress and Hordak's second-in-command within the Horde. Devious and self-serving, she aligned herself with Hordak in exchange for amplified powers. It was also Shadow Weaver who raised Adora and Catra as her wards of the Fright Zone.



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