Depleter Turbo

The De-Pelter Turbo is a device featured in the 2006 movie Over The Hedge and its tie-in video game.


Over The Hedge (film)

In the film, the trap is first mentioned by Gladys, who asks if Dwayne the Verminator had it installed in her backyard to catch RJ, Verne, and the other animals who have been raiding people's homes for food. Dwayne responds by telling her that it's illegal to own in all states (save for Texas).

Later on in the film, after Hammy turns on the laser grid in Gladys' backyard and sets it to its highest setting, Gladys, Vincent, and Dwayne end up triggering the lasers and setting off the trap. Dwayne, realizing what's about to happen, tells Gladys and Vincent to "prepare for a lot of stinging". When activated, the trap is revealed to be so powerful that launches a beam into space that destroys a passing satellite and emits a light that can be seen outside the galaxy. The light it emits is also hot enough for the porcupine kids to roast marshmallows and for RJ to pop popcorn while they watch the trap in action. Once the beam vanishes, it's revealed that it has not only trapped Dwayne, Gladys, and Vincent in a cage, but also created a huge crater and stripped all three of them of their hair.

Afterwards, Vincent is sent to the Rocky Mountains, Dwayne is arrested for selling it to Gladys and Gladys herself is arrested for owning one in her yard.

Over the Hedge (Video Game)

In Over The Hedge's tie-in video game, the De-Pelter Turbo makes two appearances. It first appears at the in the end cutscene of the level "Caught in the Hedge!" where it catches Gladys and Vincent in a net while putting on a fireworks show.

It also appears as a boss at the end of the level "Gladys Heist, Pt. 1", appearing once again in Gladys' backyard to fight the animals. Unlike its first appearance, however, this iteration of the De-Pelter is not nearly as powerful. When attacking, it will either lunge forward with its head or make sweeping motions with its arms to hurt the player characters. To attack it, the players will have to expose the propane tanks on its back and hit them. Doing so will not be easy, however, as the De-Pelter also has an arm that can punch the ground behind it to repel those who would try to destroy its power source while it uses its main arms to shield the fuel tanks.

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