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Derek Dietl is Susan's ex-fiancee and an antagonist of Monsters vs. Aliens. He and Susan were supposed to get married in the beginning of the film, but Derek doesn't look forward to getting married and spending the rest of his life in somebody's shadow.


Derek wears a white shirt, a blue tie and a grey jacket, pants and shoes. He also has brown hair and green eyes. He has no crooked thumbs unlike his mother which makes him skip a generation.


Derek starts off handsome and is very charismatic, but he really is a selfish arrogant jerk. When he tells Susan that they're not going to Paris, he says that they're going to Fresno, only so he can take the job interview. He's a narcissist who only cares about his looks and his career which hurts Susan really bad. He’s also shameless enough to expect people he has hurt in any way to do him favors.