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"Desert" is the seventh episode of Dinotrux.


When Garby is left unable to move due to Skrap-It stealing his transmission pan bolt, Ty leads his fellow Trux, Revvit, and the apprehensive as usual Click-Clack into the Endless Desert in search of the Bitbug oasis so they can locate a new one. Using a series of landmarks they make their way into the desert, unaware that D-Structs and Skrap-It are following them and eliminating their guides so that the group will remain lost. The group arrives at the oasis, but Click-Clack spots D-Structs from afar and is scared witless until Skya confides in him that she is afraid of heights. As the group spends a brief respite at the oasis-and run into their old friend George the Dozeratops-Click-Clack is surprised to find that he is actually enjoying himself for once.

Having found the needed bolt, the group heads for home only to find themselves lost due to the destroyed markers; to make matters worse, hot-running Ty begins to hallucinate and is in danger of shutting down. At Revvit's suggestion the group builds a tower so that Skya can try and spot The Crater, but her fear soon grips her. To the surprise of all, Click-Clack climbs to the top of Skya's head to accompany her, helping her as she has been helping him all along. Together, they spot the way home, and the group soon returns to the Crater in safety much to the annoyance of D-Structs.




  • While hallucinating, Ty begins missaying Revvit's name as "Rivet", a type of fastener.