“Desert Scraptors (episode)”
Season 2, Episode 10
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"Desert Scraptors" is the twentieth episode of Dinotrux.


After Skrap-It shows him a pile of volcanic Ore that proves to be a trap laid by Desert Scraptors, D-Structs decides to put the hostile predators to use in his favor. Meanwhile, Ty's band of Trux and Reptools discover a tunnel beneath their builds, and decide to put it to use as a subterranean means of moving parts, materials, and the Reptools around in greater safety. They are distracted from the project by what appears to be a stranded Dinotrux, only to end up falling into D-Structs' trap and be attacked by the Desert Scraptors. However, during the scuffle some scrap resembling horns ends up on Click-Clack's head and he accidentally knocks out the Scraptor alpha, leading the pack to believe he is one of their own kind and to follow his orders.

Click-Clack begins putting the creatures to use on the tunnel project, but the power begins to go to his head to the concern of his friends. D-Structs, furious at this development, decides to take advantage of it and has Skrap-It steal Click-Clack's "horns", allowing him to command the Scraptors. In the ensuing battle, the horns are broken and Click-Clack is left to be pursued by the Scraptors, but lures them into one of the tunnels. He is then saved by the Trux who seal off one end of the tunnel, and gratefully returns to his old role in the group.





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