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“Diamond Bit”
Season 6, Episode 3
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"Super Scraptors"

"Diamond Bit" is the fifty-fifth episode of Dinotrux and the third episode of season six, also known as Dinotrux Supercharged.


While traveling through the Dark Forest, Ty becomes entangled in a large Shockarachnid web along with George. Failing to free them due to the unusual strength of the web, Revvit and Click-Clack seek out a superior bit. After failing to find one at the Reptool Ravine, they encounter Mystic Otto with a map to the fabled “Diamond Hex Bit of Antiquity.” The trio set out for an ancient ravine to find it, while Ton-Ton ends up in the web as well.

The three tools find themselves facing numerous difficulties-including Gearwigs and Slamtools-which Mystic Otto blames on Revvit ‘s trust in logic rather than instinct. Eventually, Revvit uses his intuition to save them and recover the bit. Meanwhile, Skya and Dozer are forced to battle Shockarachnids, including a giant specimen responsible for the web. Fortunately, Revvit’s party arrives just in time to free the captives, and together the Trux subdue the predator. Revvit thanks Mystic Otto for his help and gifts him the Diamond Bit.




  • Click-Clack parodies Indiana Jones' famous line about snakes by commenting "Gearwigs. Why does it always have to be Gearwigs?" Some how the Otto seems to wear a gear around his neck similar to Mystic Otto.