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"I gave you an opportunity… a chance to show the world that you’re more than just a scary stereotype… but you’re too proud or too gutless to take advantage of it. A wolf and a fox are not so different. Maybe they will believe you, maybe they won’t, but it doesn’t matter. Don’t do it for them. Do it for you. This is a chance to write your own story. To find a better life for you and your friends. Come on, what have you got to lose?"

—Diane to Wolf on changing for the better.

Governor Diane Foxington is one the two deuteragonists (alongside Mr. Snake) of the film The Bad Guys. She is loosely based on the book series' secret agent, Ellen (Agent Fox). Diane's history, aside from her being a criminal mastermind under the alias The Crimson Paw, is mostly unknown. She is the recently elected Governor of California, also serving as an ally to The Bad Guys.


Diane is a red fox with ginger fur with cream patches running across her muzzle as well as across her eyes. She has well-defined eyelashes alongside eyebrows, has an eyebrow piercing on her left eyebrow and has fluffy fur embedded within her ears as well as around her face. Her tail follows the same ginger pattern and is fairly bushy. Her physique is rather slim in appearance, with her hips remaining fairly curvy and her shoulders being small in comparison to her body. Diane can often be sighted wearing an eccentric business suit during important affairs taking place in the city of Los Angeles whilst she possesses the Zumpango Diamond around her ring finger. She can also be sighted wearing other forms of jewelry such as a golden necklace wrapping around her neck.

Diane Foxington dressed as the Crimson Paw (Unmasked)

Foxington's initial appearance when interacting with Mr. Wolf as Oliver Poodleton saw her outfitted with a glossy pink dress which reflected several of the bright colours surrounding her. Later on in the movie, where Mr. Wolf as himself dances with Diane Foxington at the Goodness Gala, she can be seen wearing a royal blue dress. Meanwhile, when she dresses as the Crimson Paw, she wears an attire more akin to a ninja, bandit or a mercenary as she blends into the shadows with her all-black attire with a digital camouflage serving as its main texture.


Diane Foxington's personality can be described as cunning, sharp, intelligent as well as sympathetic. During her time as the Crimson Paw, Diane would often use her traits of intelligence and slyness to aid her in retreating from the authorities. She demonstrates an immense degree of cunning when confronting Mr. Wolf and The Bad Guys for the first time, calling them second-rate has-beens. This indicates a degree of arrogance alongside pride, and that she may have a side of her that sees more than meets the eye.

Foxington is generally stubborn yet easy to sway. As seen by Professor Marmalade's proposition to turn The Bad Guys into The Good Guys, she has an incredible ability to listen to those around her as well as perceive the situation at hand. After being persuaded into allowing The Bad Guys to return to their lives as the newly rehabilitated and rebranded Good Guys. Diane also takes pride in her image as the Governor of California, and can't stand it when she is publicly proven wrong. This is showcased when she is angered due to the immense embarrassment Professor Marmalade's failed 'Heist for Good' brought to her credibility.

Despite her cockiness, Diane can also be seen as being extremely sympathetic. This is seen when she acknowledges Wolf's struggles with leaving the criminal life. She can also see through the facade that was Mr. Wolf's charm, and whilst they were being rebranded and taught how to be good, she offered him a pep-talk. She says that despite her anger with the failed 'Heist for Good', she was rooting for him, indicating that she could relate to his situation and displayed an immense amount of optimism for him.

She is also observant, as she is the only one to notice Professor Marmalade's drastic change of attitude when addressing the public after his public feud with Wolf. This makes her question if The Bad Guys were truly the culprits once The Love Crater Meteorite went missing, and goes out to break them out of jail.

Diane reflecting on her decision to steal the Golden Dolphin as the Crimson Paw and later placing it back in its place.

Her ability to sympathize with and comfort Mr. Wolf indicates that she is a kind-hearted individual behind the scenes with a tricky side. When she was under the alias of the Crimson Paw, she found herself reflecting on herself and realizing that she was just the tricky fox that everyone told her that she was supposed to be as well as what she would become. As opposed to being a sociopath, she is in touch with her feelings and often uses that to benefit those around her, which is backed up by the fact that she wished to become Governor.

She also has a flirtatious side, as she is seen to be infatuated with Wolf at first sight. Diane is often seen shooting him flirty looks, subtly touching him, and goes on to dance with him during the Gala of Goodness. However, she is able to see when he messes up, and is not afraid to call him out on his weaknesses. She is also seemingly immune to Wolf's charm, and doesn't fold under Wolf's clooneying.

Foxington also possesses an ability to plan out her actions with relative swiftness and efficiency as seen by her confrontation with the prison guards holding The Bad Guys captive on the high security island which deprived them of their freedom. Other notable traits include her being relatively hard to impress thanks to her knowledge in a variety of fields alongside being laid back whenever she is not placed under an immense of stress.


Mr. Wolf

When she was introduced to Mr. Wolf as Oliver Poodleton, she quipped that the perspective of the art often reveals more about the viewer than the artist itself, potentially indirectly stating that Mr. Wolf was slightly arrogant as well as ignorant in his viewing of the art. This is later followed up by her irritating Mr. Wolf due to her stating that The Bad Guys would be relatively easy to deal with due to their state of decline, remarking how they would "Make it personal" which indicated their state of decline as a crew. She further went on to remark that "They're toast" by gesturing towards her neck, which visibly confounded Mr. Wolf, who could be seen looking down towards his paws.

Diane informing Mr. Wolf that not everyone gets a second chance, With Mr. Wolf vowing through a gesture that Diane can trust his word

As Mr. Wolf is arrested due to the crimes he alongside his crew committed in an attempt to steal the Golden Dolphin, Mr. Wolf laments that "Even trash can be recycled into something beautiful.". This line captivates Diane, leading her to consider Professor Marmalade's advice as well as approve the experiment he was suggesting. Later down the line, Diane is introduced to Mr. Wolf alongside the rest of The Bad Guys whilst they are being trained how to be good, although not under the best of circumstances. She scolds the rest of the crew for multiple offences before Mr. Wolf is tasked with charming her, which is when she retorts before offering some words of wisdom that resonate throughout Wolf's mind.

Diane and Mr. Wolf dancing at the Gala for Goodness

At the Goodness Gala, Diane takes an immense interest in Mr. Wolf, even stating that she's mildly dismayed by the fact that he could be ignoring her at the Goodness Gala. Of course, Mr. Wolf has plans but upon dancing with Diane all the whilst both share a relatively sentimental moment as Diane inquires about how it feels to be appreciated and not feared for once. As the pair dance atop the stage, Mr. Wolf finds himself in a state of crisis as he finds himself requiring to pick between his friends or the good life, which is when he decides to hand Professor Marmalade his Golden Dolphin trophy as opposed to swapping it out for the fake; an action that's influenced by Diane and later reinforced by the fact she is left awestruck by his act of returning everything to her.

After seeing Mr. Wolf's selfless acts, she decides to investigate and finds that his honesty had led her directly to his stash of loot, which is when she is inspired by his will to go from being the villain to being the hero as she hatches a plan to liberate him alongside his crew from prison. After interrupting a conflict between The Bad Guys by dispersing the force of security guards leaving them hostage dressed as the Crimson Paw, Mr. Wolf is found to be lonely after his crewmates break away from him, leading to Foxington sympathizing with him, comforting him and reassuring him before playfully stating he looks like a prisoner.

Diane and Mr. Wolf after being caught by Professor Marmalade

When she alongside Wolf break into the laboratory holding the fragment of the meteorite powering Marmalade's hypnotized army of guinea pigs, the pair display an immense amount of personal affection for one another as well as chemistry as seen by Diane's rather casual reveal that she's the Crimson Paw due to the Zumpango Diamond slipping from her ring finger all the while they exchange expressions of amazingness. After The Bad Guys minus Mr. Snake free them from their imprisonment, they go on to steal the Love Crater Meteorite together whilst driving away in the hopes of preventing Marmalade's plan from drawing success.

Diane exchanges a glare with Wolf before he speeds off into the distance in pursuit of Mr. Snake with her rolling her eyes alongside feeling a slight pinch of betrayal resonating throughout her body. Later in the film, once the Love Crater Meteorite is destroyed by Mr. Snake, she finds herself congratulating Mr. Wolf as well as being prideful of his decision to hand himself in alongside the rest of the crew. She would also have her muzzle metaphorically clamped by Mr. Wolf when he quoted that she was a big fan of "Redemption arcs" as opposed to her revealing that she was the Crimson Paw, an act that's later covered up by Professor Marmalade taking the fall for the Zumpango Diamond as well as many other crimes that were presumably committed that could trace their roots to Foxington.

Although the nature of their relationship is up to speculation, Diane Foxington plays a significant role in Mr. Wolf's personal life and considering Mr. Wolf was later picked up by Diane after a year of remaining in prison all the while she possessed ownership of his car... Evidence points to Mr. Wolf being Diane's love interest due to the chemistry they have, the background they share as well as a wolf and a fox not being so different, a line that became synonymous with her bonding with Mr. Wolf during her moment of dismay when he attempted to previously charm her. Diane's infatuation and seemingly flirtatious attitude with the witty wolf further backs up this point, especially when she is motivated to dance with him during the Gala for Goodness, breaks him free of prison and teams up with him to deflect Professor Marmalade's diabolical plan to hypnotise the entire city's worth of Guinea pigs to do his dirty work on his behalf.

Professor Marmalade

Diane eagerly listening to Professor Marmalade's speech

At the beginning of the film, it appears that Diane alongside Marmalade share a business-based relationship with one another. She does not interact with the guinea pig often other than bestowing the Golden Dolphin award on him at the reward ceremony whilst they exchange gazes of mutual respect. Following the events which transpired leading to The Bad Guys being caught and arrested for attempting to steal the Golden Dolphin, Diane is successfully moved by Marmalade's proposition to turn The Bad Guys into "The Good Guys", although her decision was begrudgingly made. Her swaying of her opinion and personal decision to allow Professor Marmalade to rebrand The Bad Guys as "The Good Guys" indicates she may have a slight familiarity with his experiments and his acts of good will, seizing the opportunity in the hopes that Marmalade's experiment generates a positive public reception for the city.

Diane becoming skeptical of Professor Marmalade and his strange behaviour

Upon watching The Bad Guys take the fall for a heist that wasn't their fault, Diane keenly keeps her eye on Professor Marmalade upon watching Mr. Wolf lash out in the back of the police vehicle which is surely set to take him to prison. Within her mind, the dots begin connecting inside of her head as she pieces together the fact that Professor Marmalade may be responsible for the heist of the Love Crater Meteorite. This point is further reinforced when Professor Marmalade seemingly snaps from remaining extremely terrified to innocently stating an extremely overspecific plan that The Bad Guys would've supposedly used to steal the meteorite from its stand.

Later on during the film, Diane allies herself with Mr. Wolf in an attempt to thwart Marmalade's plan to rob the charity money he had raised for himself, indicating an unfavourable perspective being held for the previously humble, gentle and compassionate philanthropist brought on by her previous skepticism. After the defeat of Marmalade and his subsequent arrest, she knowingly gazes at Marmalade as he's shipped off inside of a vehicle belonging to law enforcement with a victorious smirk staining her muzzle, suggesting that she holds little to no regards as to his fate following his arrest.

Chief Luggins

Diane and Luggins awaiting the return of The Bad Guys

Other than communicating presumably behind the scenes to arrange for a security force to safeguard the Golden Dolphin as well as to apprehend The Bad Guys. Later leading to Luggins being unable to apprehend The Bad Guys due to Diane calling off the arrest, Diane's interactions with Chief Luggins indicate that they have a mutual respect for one another and nothing more than that. Foxington also interacts with Luggins near the end of the film, suggesting that she was filled with pride when showing off the returning Bad Guys as being "The Good Guys" before both parties were ultimately left in a state of dismay.

Chief Luggins unfortunately draws the short straw regarding her affiliation with Diane, considering she is seen comically being wound up by the vixen and her decision making capabilities throughout the entire film. First of all, Chief Luggins is angered by Foxington when she decides to set The Bad Guys free under Marmalade's scheme. Second of all, she is further irritated when Mr. Wolf returns from his pursuit for the meteorite only to blow past them alongside a provoked Foxington in search of Mr. Snake. Finally, Luggins appears to be mildly surprised when Foxington shows up in an attempt to be the saving grace of The Bad Guys one final time before justice is served and Chief Luggins has her moment partially ruined by Mr. Wolf and his band of clooneys turning themselves in.

The Bad Guys

Diane lashing out at The Bad Guys for the crimes they committed whilst saving the guinea pigs

The beginning of Diane's relationship with The Bad Guys begins with turbulence for their first interactions involve them being apprehended after attempting to steal the Golden Dolphin. Whilst approving of Professor Marmalade's plan to turn The Bad Guys into "The Good Guys", she cannot help but feel on edge by his decision. Especially factoring in that directly down the line, The Bad Guys proceed to tarnish her credibility alongside Professor Marmalade's when liberating the science lab of the innocent guinea pigs that were being held captive due to their unethical means.

Her stance on the Bad Guys remains relatively stern as well as unwilling throughout the film up until the Goodness Gala, which is where she interacts with Mr. Wolf whilst maintaining her guard regarding the other members of The Bad Guys. Upon seeing Mr. Wolf and his crew being framed for something they wouldn't do due to the judgement brought on by their former reputation once the Love Crater Meteorite is stolen, her curiosity is awoken and she later goes on to investigate their den once Mr. Wolf vows to return all of the loot which was stolen.

Diane later goes on to liberate The Bad Guys from their imprisonment upon the maximum security island that they're being held captive upon whilst dressing up as the Crimson Paw, indicating that she has confronted second thoughts regarding the nature of the crew. Diane was presumably under the impression that Mr. Wolf made this decision on behalf of The Bad Guys but this wasn't the case. Either way, her willingness to see Mr. Wolf change his life for the better and assumption that the other members of the crew are on board compells her to pursue them as an ally.

Foxington's relationship with The Bad Guys (excluding Mr. Wolf) would deteriorate mildly once Mr. Snake and the rest of his crew leave Mr. Wolf and Diane to their own fate. Yet, upon performing a heist against Professor Marmalade in the hopes of stealing the Love Crater Meteorite, she is reunited with The Bad Guys (excluding Mr. Snake). This move would silently patch together their relationship and lead to them joining forces as a cohesive unite against Professor Marmalade.

Diane collecting The Bad Guys from prison

Later in the film whilst attempting to circumvent Professor Marmalade's plot to rob various charities of the money that he raised for them, she shares a moment with Ms. Tarantula (Webs) when they are pursuing their objective of stopping the trucks from reaching their intended ambush locations. Upon briefly breaking apart as The Bad Guys attempt to rescue Mr. Snake from the clutches of Professor Marmalade, Diane seeks to investigate the situation at hand. Upon finding out that Mr. Wolf had saved Mr. Snake as they're apprehended by Chief Luggins, Foxington praises The Bad Guys for handing themselves after surrendering themselves upon performing many acts of villainy. Diane would presumably keep contact with The Bad Guys whilst they were serving their prison sentence, later picking them up once they have served their sentence via use of Mr. Wolf's car.


It is widely known by Mr. Wolf alongside the rest of his gang of clooneys that Diane Foxington was the notorious bandit behind the Crimson Paw alias and robberies relating to her name. The scale of her operations as the Crimson Paw is truly a mystery and up for speculation yet she was presumably one of the greatest bandits to ever walk the face of the earth as well as terrorise the city of Los Angeles. Her history is relatively unknown relating to the movie. However, inside of the books, she is known to be an ex-member of the International League of Heroes. The Bad Guys (book) also reveals that she is fluent in fourteen languages and that her parents were killed by hunters when she was very young.

Diane stealing the Zumpango Diamond accompanied by her equipment

We are made aware thanks to Mr. Wolf narrating a brief part of her past and reflecting on her career that she was the legendary bandit behind the stealing of the Zumpango Diamond, one of the most valuable pieces of jewellery the city of Los Angeles had to offer at the time. She is also described as somewhat repetitive and a casual showboater who happens to be one who feels the urge to make a statement thanks to her pulling off the heist twice. Mr. Wolf happens to describe her as an "Acrobatic Swiss Army Knife" alongside "The Queen of Cons" which gives way to her potentially having a history which related to extortion or fraud to some degree.

Diane also managed to avoid detection as well as being apprehended by the authorities, indicating that she had become familiar with surveillance technology. This also means that she didn't leave a trace behind when stealing the Golden Dolphin or when terrorising the city. It is also indicated that she is a massive fan of making a dramatic entrance or exit judging by the scene in which she mysteriously enters as a black shadow, only to exit that same prison by detonating depth charges as well as regular explosives which render the island prison virtually useless. Her preferences to be mildly dramatic and to make a statement to the law indicates that she may share a similar past that aligns with the formerly-present mindset of Mr. Wolf and how he ran his operation alongside his crew.

(Blurry) Diane descending from the rooftops of Los Angeles using a presumably homemade wingsuit

Foxington also happens to be the engineer of her own technology, which hints towards her having a history relating to the creation or testing of specialised weaponry or tools used for heists which would humble the populace. She appears to be a jack of all trades and has managed to master most of her craft through lengthy training as well as familiarity with her job, although the methods in which she gained this knowledge and expertise are up for speculation. The status of her underground lair where she holds all of her secret weapons, presumed loot as well as planning centre also hint towards Diane being a hardened criminal and having a lengthy past with executing her scores mostly to perfection.

Her family history alongside relationships with potential allies before The Bad Guys is all but a mystery for Foxington announced when comforting Mr. Wolf that she could sympathise with him considering she had left behind everything to pursue the life of being a criminal. She laments that if Mr. Wolf's friends were true friends, they would come back for him. This implies that she may have had friends or even family in the past that may have not come back for her even when she became governor after seeing what she had done as her profession for so long. She also quips that she was her but on the right side, indicating that she didn't wish to get into this life in the first place and was merely filling part of her soul with wealth and the dreams of leaving behind a legacy before ultimately learning that it's meaningless as well as figuring out that she had become the stereotype she had always wished to avoid.

Unfortunately, beyond speculation. Nothing concrete is known about Foxington's backstory other than the vague backstory she is given inside of the original books which do not relate much to the movie itself. It is hoped that in due time, we will learn more about her legacy as well as her history of beinig potentially one of the most chaotic criminals ever to exist for it's not easy to gain the reputation of being the best bandit the world has to offer.


Ellen (Agent Fox) in the Book Series, whom Diane Foxington is loosely based on

In spite of sharing many traits with her counterpart inside of the book, Diane Foxington from the film and Agent Fox (Ellen) inside of the books contrast massively when compared.

  • Diane was a former thief who decided to change her life for the better whilst Ellen was not.
  • Diane is a politician whereas Ellen has no political affiliation.
  • Diane worked solo as the Crimson Paw while Ellen worked alongside other partners as part of the "International League of Heroes"
  • Diane has no pronounced hair other than her hair whilst Ellen has a massive ponytail stemming from her head to her hips.
  • Diane was repulsed by the fact she was performing acts of evil whereas Ellen is merely a thug who switched sides to benefit herself alongside her crew.
  • Diane stopped identifying as the Crimson Paw upon her discovery all the while Ellen continues to work with the members of "Shadow Squad G"
  • Diane has no defined quest set for her other than to continue her role as governor of California all the while Ellen is referenced as "The One" inside of the books, indicating that she had a quest of her own to complete separate from her comrades within the books.

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