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“Doom Run”
Season 7, Episode 2
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Dinotrux Episodes
"D-Stroy (episode)"
"Goldtrux (episode)"

"Doom Run" is the sixtieth episode of Dinotrux and the second episode of season seven, also known as Dinotrux Supercharged.


Ton-Ton's attempt to show off a new stunt learned from Xee ends up giving Skya the hiccups, which causes her to uncontrollably launch her hook whenever they occur. When a replacement part is not to be found at any of their usual spots, Xee mentions a group of Trux she knows who might have one. She accompanies the Trux-besides Skya-to the Wastelands, where they encounter the Speed Trux. The four prove to be an aggressive imitation of Ty's group, and only agree to part with the component Skya needs if Ty and his friends can beat them in a race.

Once the rules of the "Doom Run" are explained, Ty's team decide to supercharge Ton-Ton to give their group the best chance of winning the race. Despite this, the Speed Trux prove to be tough competitors, putting Ty's team to the test across multiple dangerous terrains. However, Ty's group is able to beat the villains at their own game, and succeed in obtaining the part. They then return home much to the relief of Waldo, who has been attempting to help Skya eat despite her hiccups.





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