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Season 6, Episode 5
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"Xee (episode)"

"Downshift" is the fifty-seventh episode of Dinotrux and the third episode of season six, also known as Dinotrux Supercharged.


Skrap-It spots the Dinotrux as they are returning from a run for Sparkbug Superchargers, but due to their method of driving in single file and wiping out their tracks is unable to locate where they are obtaining them. D-Structs promptly attacks in an effort to secure the ones the Trux have collected, but fails and becomes infuriated with Skrap-It. Dozer, already on edge from the day's collecting, becomes furious at the loss of the Supercharges. It is then discovered that he has taken damage from D-Structs and is losing coolant, putting him in danger of overheating. In order to save him, George-who had accompanied the group on the run-volunteers to lead them to some mineral springs he used to cool down during his "hothead" days.

After learning of Dozer's condition, Skrap-It reports back to D-Structs in hopes of getting back into his good graces, and is given the task of provoking Dozer to greater levels of anger. The annoying Scraptool proves successful, in spite of George's efforts to teach Dozer the art of "Downshift," or overcoming one's temper by letting things go. When they arrive at the bridge to the springs, it collapses, forcing the group to build a tram-like lift system to get Dozer across the gap. D-Structs then attacks, and nearly succeeds in overpowering Ty and the other Trux until Dozer returns from bathing in the springs. Having restored his coolant and learned greater control over his temper, he helps his friends defeat D-Structs.





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