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Dozeratops are a species of Dinotrux who combine elements from Triceratops and various construction vehicles, most notably a Bulldozer.


Dozeratops possess frills that can drop to become dozing blades, which enables them to move or plow through rocks and dirt, though not through metal. The majority of Dozeratops have jackhammer tails for breaking up rock as well, and appear in various colors, typically shades of yellow, orange, pink, or red, though some have appeared in grey. Blayde appears in this last color, but is more notable for her larger frill and and excavator tail; like other Dozeratops she also possesses three horns, one on the nosetip and two above the eyes. The Dozeratops are also related-though distantly, according to Dozer-to Plowasaurs.

Known Dozeratops