“'I'm not a quack! I'm a mad scientist. There is a difference'
―Doctor Cockroach[src]

Dr. Cockroach (or Dr. Cockroach P.h. D) is one of the main characters in the film Monsters vs. Aliens and the TV series.


He was a brilliant professor and a mad scientist with the head and abilities of a cockroach. He created a device that would give humans a cockroach's ability to survive forever. He tested it on himself and found that there was a side effect of giving him the head and abilities of a cockroach. He can climb high walls and objects and eats garbage. He was captured in 1962 and put into the recently set up monster prison in Area 52. Dr. Cockroach can be a bit insane at times as shown in the movie dancing maniacally on a dancing colour board that enabled him to hack into the heart/brain of Alien Spaceship causing it distrupt in limited minutes but survived with the help of Ginormica and the other Monsters. Apart from that, he is also seen laughing like a mad scientist should in the film whilst making a super-computer out of just a pizza box, 2 cans of hair-spray and a paperclip just to make Ginormica (Susan Murphy) normal again, but unfortunatley it didn't work making her a hair stick up. Although he sometimes acts like a mad person, he can be very comforting as references to the movie showing him congratulating Ginormica for defeating the robot and saying hello politely to welcome her for the first time. Although it's currently unconfirmed, it's hinted that Dr. Cockroach may have feelings for Susan.


  • Dr. Cockroach is a parody of the title character in the film, The Fly.
  • He likes garbage though he's disgusted when Link eats fish raw.
  • Some have suggested that Dr. Cockroach is a referance to Dr. Samuel Conway's character Kagemushi Goro, citing Samuel's visits to DreamWorks


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