“Dreadtrux, Part 1”
Season 5, Episode 5
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"Dreadtrux, Part 2"

"Dreadtrux, Part 1" is the fiftieth episode of Dinotrux.


Following their exile in "The Return", D-Structs and his former allies battle each other before parting company, with the T-Trux being determined to return to the Crater regardless of how outnumbered he now is. Meanwhile, the Trux are busy taking the wall the villains built apart when a veritable stampede of creatures comes through. Following the tide to its source, they come to Mini Mountain, which is producing a strange noise, leading the Reptools to clamber in an investigate. Upon finding that the interior is metal-which begins moving-Revvit comes to a horrifying conclusion: the mountain conceals a sleeping Dreadtrux.

Knowing the fearsome reputation of the legendary creature, Ty decides upon a seemingly insane plan: using some of the remains of D-Structs' wall, they will build a wheeled platform to carry Mini Mountain across the Bridge and out of the Crater. As they are clearing away debris, Ton-Ton carries away an unusual rock that he then dumps off a cliff. Just as they are about to reach a valley full of Ore that they hope will appease the creature, D-Structs-who has been observing them-attacks in hopes of the Dreadtrux eliminating his enemies. The group succeed in getting it to the valley floor-following a crazy ride in which Ty actually gets atop the mountain and platform to steer-only for Pounder to appear and inadvertently awaken the creature.





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