“Dreadtrux, Part 2”
Season 5, Episode 6
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"Dreadtrux, Part 1"

"Dreadtrux, Part 2" is the fifty-second episode of Dinotrux and the final episode of season five.


Much to the horror of Ty and his friends, Pounder awakens the Dreadtrux, which ignores the silent Trux as it rampages back towards the Crater. The Trux quickly race back home, with D-Structs and Skrap-It following them after seeing the Dreadtrux in action, and surprisingly helping to raise the Bridge once they are all safely across. However, after D-Structs departs, the Dreadtrux begins using rocks to fill the chasm and make its own bridge in order to get into the Crater. The Trux-aided by Garby's Gang-attempt to prevent it from doing so, but fail, only to have the Dreadtrux ignore them as it proceeds back towards its original resting place.

Revvit deduces that the creature must eat a rare type of ore and be looking for a supply it kept with it, and Ton-Ton remembers the strange rock he dumped previously. While he works with Skya, Dozer, and their tool partners to recover it, Ty and Revvit head off to try and slow the Dreadtrux down. After coming across a trapped D-Structs, Ty convinces him to help them for his own sake, and the two-along with Revvit and Skrap-It-face off with the Dreadtrux at the Flatirons. They are eventually able to trip it up, and Revvit discovers that the Dreadtrux was looking not for Ore, but for it's egg which was encased in the Ore. Both the Dreadtrux and D-Structs-who still despises Ty and company-depart, while the Trux set about repairing the damage done to their home.





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