Here at the DreamWorks Wiki, we want to make sure users know how to edit and navigate around the site. Below is the general list of rules and regulations for editing around here.

Adding articles

Please do not add an article, then add nothing to it. There have been several cases of articles with no content that have been deleted as of late. Also do not add fan fiction or speculation on this wiki.



Videos will not be allowed due to severe copyright standards. Only on the MediaWiki videos will they be allowed as on the main page. However, you can get images off the videos to place on a page that makes sense. Re-adding the videos will cause them to be deleted and you will be warned. If you add them again, a 1-week block will be issued.


You can edit if you know what is correct. People who choose to place fake info, replace or add content with gibberish will have their account suspended for a total of 3 days. Users who choose to ignore any warnings and keep doing such actions, despite being blocked before, will be blocked for a longer amount of time until they are blocked permanently. Please try to talk it out with other users in a peaceful manner if you do think that any edit that you have made is correct, but another user(s) keeps on undoing it, instead of going into an "editing war" with them.


On the other hand, do not steal articles from other wikis to make an article more fuller. They have worked hard, and it is lazy, uncreative, and unacceptable to take their articles and place them on the DreamWorks Wiki in the exact same words. We will allow you to copy and paste as long as you immediately paraphrase the entire article. Before you create an article, you must create a sandbox first before making an edit to avoid getting blocked due to plagiarism. To make this wiki thrive we must use our imaginations and create quality articles.


Any sort of impolite behavior like threatening one's safety, foul words, profanity, and derogatory terms will not be tolerated in any form and will result in a 3-month block. If you see such, undo their edit and please report to an administrator as soon as possible.


Sections: Because of abusive and over uploading, limitations to the amount of images permitted to the galleries will be put into effect immediately. The DreamWorks Wiki administration asks that you use common sense when uploading new pictures, and be less as possible. Try not to upload an enormous amount of images, or allow overwhelming idolization influence the decisions you make. Fail to comply to these restrictions will have consequences. Continue to repeat the same violations will result in a block or a permanent ban.

Images: Any of the galleries that are already overflowed should go through evaluation. With character galleries for example, screenshots should be limited to images specifically focused on the character in question. Nothing focused on character groups, backgrounds, body parts, different actions in the same scene, and so on. With Promotional images, any posters and key art that look the same, but with slight alterations, should be evaluated. No exceptions.

The images that will be permitted to the galleries and the ones that should go or stay will be up to you, measured by common senses. Try not to add every image you put up to every respective gallery.

Most importantly, do not get into your heads that uploading pictures is essential to DreamWorks Wiki. We do not run gallery/screencap/portfolio website we run a Wikia, and on Wikias our top priority is information. There is Google, online videos and other sites to look up images, and don't need to use this site to show/see them. Uploading will remain permitted as long as you are smart about your approach.


Please refrain from adding trivial and oddly specific categories to character pages. It can get very cluttered and ridiculous at times. Also, categories named solely as movie titles are for the franchise in general and holding their character category, not just a place to dump the characters and have two categories serving the same purpose.

Furthermore, always be sure to read the notes left on each category to fully understand which article qualifies for said category.


Articles for projects yet-to-be-released are often the subject of speculation, meaning some editors may add unconfirmed details they assume will coincide with said character or movie. This is not allowed, as speculation and rumors can be taken as truth, when in reality, there is a high chance the information is false. For this reason, the DreamWorks Wiki only allows confirmed pieces of information for articles centering topics from both already released titles, and upcoming titles. If you have proof that your accusation is 100% accurate, a user must always add a source citation to link readers and other editors to the confirmation. The wiki must be a reliable source for accurate and truthful information for all users.

If something is targeted as a "rumor", please talk about it on the Forum or write a blog post about it, but DO NOT write an article about it! You will be subject to your account being blocked if you write an article about such topics/content!


Giving away plot details to a yet-to-be-released title is a growing concern within fan communities. As such, the DreamWorks Wiki no longer allows spoiler information to be added to articles until after the title has premiered in the U.S. market.

Examples of non-spoiler information includes: Information given through the official synopsis of a film (usually found on the film's official DreamWorks website, or article here on the wiki) or trailers (no speculation whatsoever).

Examples of spoilers include: Plot details from a book adaptation, leaked information from third-party individuals, or any form of merchandise that directly reveals the entire story of the film before the U.S. premiere date hits.

Once the U.S. premiere date arrives, editors must add a Spoiler Warning to articles before proceeding to edit, if it hadn't been added already. This warning must remain on the article for, at least, a full month or 30 days.

Spoilers will also not be allowed within the comment sections until the premiere date arrives. If users who have already spoiled themselves about a plot wishes to discuss spoilers, the private rooms of the chat are always operating and available for use.

Moving names

Do not change names to gibberish names. This indicates that you are present within the wiki to purposely ruin articles, and will be blocked for the vandalism, immediately.

Message Walls and chatting

Please don't be rude and cuss or insult other users on the Chat or the Message Wall, or you will be blocked.

On chat, please refrain from using curse words, with the exception of "heck". If used, one will receive an instant kick. If repeated, a ban from the chat.

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