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“Drillasaurs (episode)”
Season 3, Episode 2
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Dinotrux Episodes

"Drillasaurs" is the twenty-fifth episode of Dinotrux.


The Trux are startled by what appears to be seismic activity in The Crater, especially after it drains the water from the aqueduct. Upon investigating, the Reptools encounter previously unseen creatures: the Drillasaurs. These creatures have drilled numerous tunnels in search of diamonds to sharpen their drills, but these tunnels threaten the stability of the Crater. Unfortunately, the Drillasaurs have little regard for the threat their actions pose to the other Trux, until Ty proposes that they help the group find a diamond.

After a number of unsuccessful attempts during the day in which they have been granted to find a diamond or be forced out of the Crater, Ty and his friends propose a new strategy: a large, deep hole to reach areas of greater heat and pressure more likely to reveal a diamond. With the help of the Drillasaurs, they prove successful, but Skya is overtaxed and ends up falling into the pit as it begins to fill with lava. Fortunately, the Trux are able to rescue her and the dimaond with the aid of the Drillasaurs, who have come to respect Ty's group. With their price paid, the Drillasaurs head off, leaving the Trux to the work of repairing their homes.





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