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“Drillipedes (episode)”
Season 8, Episode 4
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"Part Kart"

"Drillipedes" is the seventieth episode of Dinotrux and the fourth episode of season eight, also known as Dinotrux Supercharged.


While making their way back from the Reptool Ravine with parts, Revvit and the Reptools-minus Xee-are attacked by Break-It and forced to return to Renegade Base on foot. The Trux Renegades, meanwhile, are suffering from returning injuries due to the lack of replacement parts. The tools return with the bad news, with Xee encouraging Click-Clack to stand up for himself. With the overland route compromised, the Renegades decide it's time to reaccess their old supply tunnels with help from Auger.

The five tools make their way into the tunnels, only to discover that things have changed since they were last able to make use of them. New tunnels not dug by the Drillasaurs are in evidence, and upon investigating the tools discover that they are the work of Drillipedes. Despite Click-Clack's fears, Xee insists that their only hope of reclaiming the tunnels is to stand up to the creatures and earn their respect. Upon studying the creatures, they determine that the Drillipedes navigate by hearing and that the Drillipedes battle each other for dominance.

The group later discover that the Drillipedes molt their shells, unaware that several of the creature shave moved above ground and are menacing their Trux friends. Back in the tunnels, Click-Clack proposes luring the Drillipedes away with noises to clear the tools' path to the ravine. Unfortunately, the creatures soon return to attack, finally pushing Click-Clack to follow Xee's advice. Using a cast-off Drillipede shell, the tools create an exoskeleton that they can operate from the inside.

With the boy tools using the skeleton to fight Drillipedes with support from the girls, the tools are able to beat the Drillipedes and establish dominance. They soon drive out the specimens attacking Renegade Base as well, after recovering several parts from the ravine. Having forgotten a part for Dozer, Click-Clack eagerly leads the way back into the tunnels, now confident in facing the creatures on their own ground.





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