This article is on the species; for the episode, see "Drillipedes (episode)".

Drillipedes are an insectoid species from Dinotrux, resembling giant mechanical millipedes with numerous drill-like features.


Drillipedes have numerous drill bit legs that spin in order to move them forward or backward. Their segmented bodies are very flexible, and two Drillipedes can lock themselves together, underside to underside, in order to become one massive serpentine drill. They have large mandibles for eating Ore, and two horns that can be joined together to form a drill. Their eyes are small and unable to see in their underground home, so they rely on their sense of hearing. As Drillipedes grow, they molt, shedding their outer shells. Drillipedes are highly aggressive, often battling each other and other creatures for dominance, with the most dominant commanding the most respect.


In "Drillipedes", Revvit and his fellow Reptools discover that Drillipedes have invaded their old supply tunnels. After studying the creatures and their tunnel network, they attempt to get past them to reach the Reptool Ravine, but fail to do so. Realizing that they must assert dominance over the creatures, Click-Clack leads the others in refitting a shed Drillipede shell to serve as battle armor. Using it, they are able to defeat the Drillipedes, gaining them safe passage through their tunnels.

In "Ore Hunt", Skrap-It and his fellow Scraptools are pursued by a number of Drillipedes and Gearwigs while looking for purple ore.

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