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== Gallery ==
== Gallery ==
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The Druids are an evil branch of the Galra Empire led by Haggar in Voltron: Legendary Defender.


The origins of the Druids are unknown, but they have gained a reputation for experimentation in the fields of both dark magic, of which they are skillful wielders, and cybernetics. Among their contributions to the Galra Empire is the refining of quintessence from its natural form into fuel used for Galra ships, weapons, and other technologies.

Abilities and Traits

With the exception of Haggar, all the Druids seen thus far are visually identical, appearing as tall, hooded figures with masks that resemble beaks and have holes that appear to expose four yellow eyes. Their hands, which are the only parts of their bodies to be exposed, possess dark purple skin. Those Druids who have spoken sound as though they are male, though it is unknown whether this is the case or even if the Druids are Galra or some other species entirely. All Druids produce the ability to manipulate energy, which they can use to refine quintessence or emit for offensive of defensive purposes.

The Druids are also capable of disappearing and reappearing, though the range of this power is unknown, and in some instances disappear after being killed. Due to their abilities the Druids are incredibly dangerous and powerful, and only skilled warriors have been shown to be capable of battling them and surviving, let alone winning. However, as stated the Druids are not immortal, and can be killed by the Luxite weapons of the Blade of Marmora, exposure to powerful enough energy, and one of the configurations of the Black Bayard; whether the other Bayards can do likewise has not been determined.


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