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Dwayne LaFontant, also known as the Verminator, is the tertiary antagonist of Over the Hedge. He is Gladys' henchman.

Dwayne was hired by Gladys to kill the animals, only to be defeated when the Depelter Turbo in Gladys' yard stings him, Gladys, and Vincent.

Dwayne is almost arrested with Gladys (who fights with the cops), but he manages to get away and climbs over a fence, only to encounter Nugent and be bitten in the leg by him.



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In Over the Hedge

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In Over the Hedge: The Video Game

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Dwayne is intelligent and serious about his job. He doesn't tolerate animals that get in his way. Dwayne seems to have a crush on Gladys. He tends to humorously call her "Nancy" to stop her honking.


Dwayne's appearance might be similar to Wayne Knight.


  • Throughout most of the film, Dwayne appears to have somewhat of a crush on Gladys, despite her not returning the sentiment.
  • Dwayne is called "The Sniffer" by the animals as he has the ability to sense what species an animal is.
  • His voice and mannerisms are similar to John Wayne.


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