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“Dyscrapadons (episode)”
Season 8, Episode 2
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"Renegades (episode)"

"Dyscrapadons" is the sixty-eighth episode of Dinotrux and the second episode of season eight, also known as Dinotrux Supercharged.


A family of Craneosaurs have their Ore stolen by D-Structs and D-Stroy, only to receive more from Ton-Ton and one of the Pteracopters. The flying Trux and the Renegades are working together to provide Trux with Ore, and seek to build concealed Ore stations with help from Garby. Xee abstains from taking part in the plan showing an evident dislike for the Pteracopters. As the other Trux and Reptools move forward, Flapjaw is forced to carry Garby so he can provide bricks at a needed location.

Unfortunately for the plan, Garby's fear of heights causes him to produce gas uncontrollably, affecting Flapjaw's flight. Worse, the noise draws the attention of a litter of baby Dyscrapadons, who attack the Pteracopter in the air attempting to scrap him. They soon damage Flapjaw, preventing him from converting to landing mode, and he is forced to drop Garby and Revvit before flying back to Renegade Base. The Renegades then attempt to get a tool up to Flapjaw in the air so he can repair him.

With his first attempt failing, Revvit asks Xee for help, only for her to refuse based on her dislike of them. However, Revvit persuades her to help for his sake, only for a catapult, Ton-Ton supercharged with his glider wings, and being launched inside one of Garby's bricks to fail to get him aboard the airborne Trux. Revvit then hits upon a new strategy: creating a jet pack powered by explosive Ore from the Doom Run. Revvit then confronts Xee about her dislike of Pteracopters, whom she has never even attempted to interact with; she agrees to help with the pack but still refuses to approach the copters.

Ton-Ton, Revvit, Skya, and Xee retrieve some explosive Ore, while back at the base the mother Dyscrapadon joins her offspring in attacking Flapjaw. While the Trux attempt to fender her off, the tools construct the jet pack, but Revvit is unable to reach Flapjaw. After the Pteracopter saves Revvit from the Dyscrapadon, Xee has a change of heart and dons the jet pack herself, now using Garby's gas as a fuel source. She succeeds in repairing him, and later helps him land after the Dyscrapadons are driven off.





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