Earl is a supporting character in Shark Tale. He was best known as a record braking tongue scrubber at Whale Wash, inspiring his son to start a career of tongue scrubber before his death. Like his son, he is a blue-streaked cleaner wrasse.


Not much is shown of Earl's past in the film other than he solely raised Oscar without the aid of a mate. Eventually, Earl begun working at the Whale Wash, starting from a lowly intern to number one tongue scrubber in a span of twenty-five years until his death.

His tongue scrubbing record was so well-known that Angie was able to recognize him by the simple mention of his name.


  • He is the only fish in Shark Tale to have human-like hair.
  • The cause of his (implied) death is still unknown, though it is implied he died of old age, which fish do not actually die from.
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