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Did you like my tuna casserole?
―Edith asks Mr. Krupp about her casserole that she baked for him entire week

Edith the Lunch Lady is the secondary character in 2017, 3-D animated feature - Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie. She's very shy cook of Jerome Horwitz Elementary cafeteria and according to Mr. Krupp, she makes really good tuna casserole.

Edith was voiced by "America's Sweetheart" Kristen Schaal.


Edith arrived silently, when Mr. Krupp was xeroxing some documents. She really scared him, but grumpy principal haven't lost the moment to roll to Edith. Edith brought to him her special casserole, with he's name on it, she was trying to get Krupp's shy words as compliments but it was a bad day for Mr. Krupp to relax, because he knew that George Beard and Harold Hutchins will try to steal the hidden camera turtle. So it didn't worked and they just separate. After that, Edith met Krupp in school corridor along with Hutchins and Beard, but she didn't knew that Mr. Krupp was hypnotized with 3-D Hypno-Ring into false comic book superhero Captain Underpants. Now the truth telling hero, Krupp tells everything about his feelings like a brave man, which really touches Edith's deepest feelings. Later she's seen throwing all the leftovers into toxic metallic barrel, by which she accidentally makes an effort to Tippy Tinkletrousers and Melvin Sneedly, while they're looking for the ultra-toxic fuel for Turbo toilet 2000. After toxic leftovers gift to our "superhero" the real super-strength and he saves the day, Edith with Mr. Krupp go on the date, thanks to Harold and George's kindest prank. At the end of the movie while dinning in fancy restaurant, they became victims of the Talking toilets' attack and Mr.Krupp accidental snap of fingers, Captain Underpants goes to save the day, making Edith to really admire with his manliness.

Principal Krupp

Edith and Mr. Krupp have really awkward love line, but because of her nature, she always tries to stay close to her love. By the end of the movie, they officially start dating.


  • Edith the Lunch lady wasn't in the original book series at all, she was made only for the movie and for filling Mr. Krupp's boring and sad life with love.
  • Kristen Schaal personally admits that she likes Edith as the character because of her weird characteristics.
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