“Eggs (episode)”
Season 3, Episode 12
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"Eggs" is the thirty-fifth episode of Dinotrux.


While returning from an Ore run, Ton-Ton and Ace are caught in in an earthquake, and Ton-Ton soon jumps a newly discovered ramp. Upon landing, he discovers a number of Ankylodump eggs unearthed by the quake, leaving them threatened by Scraptors. With the help of Ty and the others, they load the eggs into Ton-Ton's bed in order to carry them to their parents, who are foraging on the other side of The Crater. Unfortunately, the Scraptors are quick to pursue them, and D-Structs and Skrap-It decide to take advantage of the situation to eliminate the trucks once and for all.

As the Trux travel, they are forced to deal with Screwsquitos, Scraptors, and Ton-Ton's own need for speed before being attacked by D-Structs on top of everything else. Driven into a pass, the Trux are trapped between a large boulder and the Scraptor pack, and set to work building an overpass so that Ton-Ton can drive over with Ace's help to concentrate. Despite the rock being knocked loose, the plan succeeds, and the Trux are able to reunite the hatching Ankylodump eggs with their families. Meanwhile D-Structs and Skrap-It, stuck on the other side of a rockslide caused by Ty, are attacked by the very Scraptors they hoped would soften up Ty's group for them.





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