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{{Infobox character
{{Infobox character
|name = Eret
|name = Eret
|films = ''[[How to Train Your Dragon 2]]''
|films = ''[[How to Train Your Dragon 2]]''<br>''[[How to Train Your Dragon 3]]'' (upcoming)
|home = Berk <br> His Fort (formerly)|
|home = Berk <br> His Fort (formerly)|
|voice = Kit Harrington
|voice = Kit Harrington

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Eret used to be a dragon trapper working for Drago Bludvist. He is initially introduced as an anti-hero. He starts of as one of Hiccup's foes in How to Train Your Dragon 2 before switching sides halfway through the movie after bonding with Stormfly

He is voiced by Kit Harrington from the Game of Thrones.

About the Character

Cocky and charmingly cavalier, Eret has the showmanship of a cowboy and the shady ethics of an arms dealer. His rugged good looks and brawny physique appeals to Ruffnut's inner-most desires--which turn out to be quite shallow. But despite his boastful, brash charisma, Eret lives in endless dread of Drago's merciless wrath, and will do anything to save his own skin.


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