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Esperanza is Spirit's mother.


Esperanza is a cream color horse with a white mane (palomino, as known in the horse world). She has a white blaze on her face and her socks are white. She has brown eyes. Also she is a loving mother to Spirit and will do anything to help him.


She's encouraging, sympathetic, protective, empathetic, responsible, affectionate, nice, zany, astute, even-tempered, selfless, patient, eager, rational, assertive, noble, zesty and amiable. Esperanza also worries after her son Spirit.


Esperanza gives birth to Spirit, her only son, in the beginning of the film. She watches him grow and become the new leader of the Cimarron just like his father. One night, Spirit starts to wander off to study a suspicious light and is momentarily stopped by Esperanza, who is deeply concerned for him. He gives her a reassuring neigh before trotting off. Esperanza is then seen running off with the herd as Spirit warns them of the wranglers. When Spirit is caught, Esperanza attempts to save him but Spirit stops her. She gives him a hurtful look before urging the herd away. She reappears towards the end of the film as Spirit reunites with his family along with Rain.



  • "Esperanza" is Spanish for "hope", and is also a girls' name in Spanish-speaking countries.