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Everest is the deuteragonist in the DreamWorks film, Abominable. He is a baby yeti from a family of yetis living on the Mount Everest. When he is captured by a wealthy businessman, Everest escapes captivity and meets a young girl named Yi whom he requests her help in getting him home to his family. He didn’t talk to Yi about trying to be attempt to tell her something he’s pretty good at miming about giving Yi advice.



Although his species were once viewed as terrifying in a flashback sequence with Burnish, he is actually friendly and enjoys the journey with Yi, Peng and Jin. He also has many powers and abilities related to the environment including changing the size of plants and ice breath (the latter of which he uses against Dr. Zara and her henchmen to scare them away). He is also very protective towards his friends and allies, when needed.

Physical Appearance[]

Everest is a white-colored yeti with long fur and a light-grey mask around his eyes.



At the beginning of the movie he was imprisoned before he escaped and he gets injured during the escape and lands on the roof of the young teenage girl Yi. Everest is a magical creature, when he starts summing his fur starts to glow out uncontrollably, which he example used it to make Yi's withered plant grow petals again.

Everest is first frightened by the young girl and as she helps him hide from the Burnish Industries and heals him, he starts to trust her, soon she found out the creature belongs to the Himalayas and promises him to bring him back home.





  • Everest is voiced by Joseph Izzo while his humming is voiced by Rupert Gregson-Williams.
  • Everest and Peng are around the same age, but Everest is younger in Yeti years.


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