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Ezor is a half-breed Galran and one general of Prince Lotor in Voltron: Legendary Defender.


When Zarkon was defeated on season two Lotor was called to lead the Galra Empire temporarily. And Ezor came with Lotor, Acxa, Zethrid, and Narti. But when Lotor steal a comet from another reality to build Sincline ships from ore and Zarkon got to know it she turned against Lotor with Acxa and Zethrid after Lotor killed Narti. And then they wanted to surrender him to Galra headquarters, but Lotor got away. And then they tried to help Zarkon. But when Lotor killed Zarkon they were getting into custody. When Zarkon was dead Haggar recruited them to recruit because she wanted to get the officer-in-law to reach power. And for this purpose she wanted them to seek Sendak. Later on season six she, Acxa and Zethrid fought temporarily alongside Lotor. But when they heard Lotor's intends to clean the universe from all enemies, even all Galran, they decided to break their ties with Lotor. When Lotor threw them away from the Sincline ships they got to the meteoroid, and from there they saw the Voltron and Lotor disappear. They even saw the Voltron come back alone, but then there was an explosion that closed the rupture of time-space, and then nothing. Ezor was marooned on an meteoroid for days with Acxa and Zethrid. And when Galra cruiser came to investigate the last position of Lotor they occupied it. When Lotor was gone there was a power vacuum in the Galra Empire. Zethrid and Ezor wanted to take advantage of it. And then they became the pirates warlords. When discovered the signal the Paladins sent to Earth they captured them. But with Acxa, they got away.


  • Ezor's personality and skills are very similar to Ty Lee from Avatar: The Last Airbender.