“Fake Ravine”
Season 1, Episode 10
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Original air date August 14, 2015
Dinotrux Episodes
"New Tail"

"Fake Ravine" is the tenth episode of Dinotrux and the finale of season one.


Click-Clack regales a group of young Reptools at the Reptool Ravine with a fictitious account of him personally defeating D-Structs, before being collected by Revvit and the others. A mishap at the Trux Wash results in one of Skya's parts being damaged, resulting in a painfully loud noise that the other Trux and tools cannot stand. Meanwhile D-Structs, seeking a new method of breaking up Ty and his friends, decides to target the Reptools and their home and orders Skrap-It to go after a Reptool. After he fails to tail Revvit to the ravine, Skrap-It is sent to capture Click-Clack while D-Structs distracts Ty and the others with an attack; however, the Trux quickly realize what has taken place.

Fortunately, Click-Clack is too panicky to tell D-Structs anything, and the Trux distract D-Structs while Revvit infiltrates D-Structs' cave to see Click-Clack. However, after learning of D-Structs' objective, Revvit decides that they need to persuade the T-Trux to abandon his designs, and convinces Click-Clack to occupy D-Structs with his storytelling while the others work on a more creative solution. To that end, the Trux and tools-aided by others from the ravine-create a fake ravine, which quickly turns into a trap when Click-Clack lures D-Structs to it. Left defeated and bereft of his wrecking ball, D-Structs flees, and Click-Clack is soon treating his previous audience to a true story of his victory over the T-Trux.





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