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Farkle, Fergus and Felicia, are minor character in the DreamWorks Shrek franchise. They also better known as the Ogre Triplets, are Shrek and Fiona's triplet children.


They are pretty much the stereotypical triplet babies, being cute and causing trouble. Felicia loves to play with her doll, Sir Squeakles. All of them are very fond of their parents as well as being very close with each other and are good friends of the Dronkeys.


Shrek the Third[]

In the beginning of the film, Fiona brings up the idea of starting a family and having children to Shrek, though he quickly dismisses it pointing out that babies are a lot of work. As Shrek is leaving for his journey with Puss and Donkey to go get Artie, Fiona reveals to Shrek that she is pregnant. Shrek is shocked and has nightmares of being a father, not being able to protect them from various hazards. His relationship with his own abusive father causes him to worry that he will be the same kind of father he had. At the end of the film Fiona gives birth to them and appeared in the credits along with Donkey and Puss.

Shrek Forever After[]

A big party is held in celebration of the triplets' birthday and everyone was invited. But Shrek reached his boiling point because he was tired of all the publicity he was receiving and slammed their cake and went outside before getting in an argument with their mother. When in the alternate universe of Rumpelstiltskin, they've been mentioned several times but only Felicia's doll was seen because since their father was never born, they didn't exist. At the end of the film, Shrek got back before he slammed the cake and happily celebrated the children's birthday.


  • If the viewers watch the Dronkeys and ogre triplets carefully throughout the whole franchise, one can see that they aged perfectly in real time.
  • Felicia learned to talk before her brothers as she was talking in Shrek Forever After while Fergus and Farkle weren't talking until Scared Shrekless. This is a nod to a true fact in child psychology that states that young girls will learn how to talk before boys will.



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