Full credits for Flushed Away.




Additional Voices


Original Music



  • Jeffery Katzenberg
  • Steven Spielberg


  • Leise Faldman C.S.A.

Production Design

  • Peter Lord

Art Direction

  • Jeffery Katzenberg
  • Peter Lord


Production Management

  • Production Manager Tom McGrath
  • 3D Manager Jeffery Katzenberg

Art/Sound/Editing/Visual Effects Deparment

  •                              Character Designer    Visual Development Artist  Sound Effects Editor
  •                                    Peter Lord                   Tom McGrath                George Lucas
  •     Foley Editor/Mixer/Artist        1st Assistant Editor     2nd Assistant Editor     Modeling/Texture Artist
  •              John Lucas                           Tim Hill                Steven Spielberg           Jeffery Katzenberg
  • Layout/Surfacing/Rigging Artist  Character Animator   Character TDs Lighting/Rough Layout  Final Layout Artist
  •         Jeffery Katzenberg              Steven Spielberg          Tim Hill              Sam Wells                Peter Lord
  •       Visual Effects Artist            Matte Painting Artist        Paint Fix Artist            Compositing Artist
  •              Peter Lord                       (Huhu Studios)           Steven Spielberg          Jeffery Katzenberg
  •                                                         Tim Hill                            

Camera/Electric/Animation/Music Deparment

  • Camera/Electric Team
  • Jeffery Katzenberg
  • Lighting Production Artist
  • Peter Lord
  • Stop-Motion Animation Artist
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Computer Animation Artist
  • Tim Hill
  • Music Editor
  • Hans Zimmer
  • Orchrestrations By
  • Patrick Doyle

Below The Line

  • Production Assistant Tom McGrath
  • Production Coordinator Peter Lord

Other Crew

DreamWorks Animation Technology

  • Production Engineer Jeffery Katzenberg
  • Post Technology Engineer Tom McGrath
  • System Engineering And Operations Team Sam Fells
  • Engineering System Administration Peter Lord
  • Opreations System Administration Tim Hill

HD Services

  • HD Editor Tim Fox
  • HD Artist William Fox

Special Thanks To

  • Steven Spielberg (uncredited)
  • Jeffery Katzenberg
  • Peter Lord
  • Sam Fells
  • Tom McGrath
  • Kathleen Kennedy (uncredited)
  • Frank & Mona Marshall (uncredited)

Production Company

  • Aardman Animations
  • DreamWorks Animation
  • Pacific Data Images (PDI) (uncredited)


  • Paramount Pictures

Special Effects

  • Huhu Studios

Other Companies

  • Sound Services At SkyWalker Sound
  • Score Recorded At Abbey Road Studios,London
  • HD Services At Twentieth Century Fox Studios
  • Prints At Deluxe
  • Color At Technicolor
  • Soundtrack On Astrelwerks
  • Score Album On Varèse Sarabande (uncredited)
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