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Flynt the Hydrodon

Flynt (Dinotrux)

"Flynt" is the twenty-ninth episode of Dinotrux.


Ty and his friends arrive back at The Garage just ahead of a lightning storm, only for Ty to head back out again in search of a part for Dozer, unaware that a lightning strike has felled a tree. He returns to find the Garage ringed by flames, with the Trux and tools at a loss as to how to correct it. At Revvit's suggestion, Ty takes off to find a Hydrodon named Flynt with the ability to put out fires. Unfortunately, D-Structs has been alerted to the situation by his Scraptools, and he sends them off to pursue Ty while he keeps the rest of the Trux trapped.

Ty eventually finds Flynt, but the Hydrodon is resistant to the idea of helping, having had poor experiences with it in the past. However, after they face off with a group of Scraptors, Flynt agrees to help, only to change his mind after they run into the Scraptools and he learns that D-Structs is involved. However, as Ty is being beaten by D-Structs in his solo efforts to save his friends, Flynt arrives to aid him, and the rescued Trux join in the effort and force D-Structs to retreat. Flynt then takes off by himself again, but promises his aid in the event the Trux ever need him again.