Forever Puppy is a character In The Boss Baby.


The Forever Puppy is a puppy who was created to be a puppy forever by the use of the special formula milk made by Baby Corp to keep the babies well, babies. The founder of the conpany that made the forever puppy was founded by Francis. E. Francis or The Boss Baby's idol that found out he was lactose intolerant and had to be kicked out of Baby Corp. Francis. E. Francis recreated the formula to make the puppies stay puppies. The forever puppy is mainly white with gray ears and paws with the rest of it being white. It wears a red collar with a heart tag that has FP engraved in it. Although the eyes of the puppy are green in the movie the eyes on the plush are blue. The Forever Puppy is boss baby's other kind of enemy other than his former idol Francis. E. Francis but afterwards after being reformed the Forever Puppy is adopted by Tim and The Boss Baby.

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