Fowler the Rooster is one of the main characters of Chicken Run. He used to be a mascot of the Royal Air Force. (Specifically the 644 Squadron, Poultry Division).


He is a grayish-blue-colored rooster and also sensible to clothing, so when he exclaims "operation coming up", one of the chickens hide him with a sock and long minutes after, he falls to "snooze". Fowler mostly wears a medal with a white scarf.

Fowler also carries a pace stick.


Fowler is the firm but fair cock of the walk. He enjoys reminiscing of his days in the RAF. He is a wise, tough-as-nails, knowledgeable, old rooster, who maintains order and discipline in the coop. He is also fatherly toward Ginger.

He is stern, assertive, cantankerous, and a little rough around the edges, but genuinely cares about his charge, and has a good heart, though it is hidden under his bad breath, bloodshot eyes, and generally gruff exterior. 

When Fowler first met Rocky, he showed a high level of jingoism and called Rocky a "yank". He especially hated having to share his bunk with him, a feeling that Rocky shared. But after Rocky saved Ginger from the pie machine, Fowler started to respect him and even let him take the entire bunk.  

Ginger entrusted Fowler to fly the plane that took the Chickens out of the farm. Fowler was initially reluctant, but upon encouragement from Ginger and Bunty, he agreed.  Everyone has assumed he was a pilot, when he was simply a mascot. 


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