Zookeeper Francis Alberta

Frances Alberta is the main antagonist of The Penguins of Madagascar special episode The Hoboken Suprise. She is the presumptive head zookeeper at the Hoboken Zoo.

In the episode, Frances was first revealed to be a cheerful zookeeper who had worked to clean up the zoo's poor conditions, gaining the respect of resident animals Rhonda, Hans, Clemson, Savio, and Lulu. Frances also afforded the animals under her care many amenities, such as fine cuisine, massage chairs, and a fountain of cheese. However, it is later revealed that Frances never had the respect of her animals, whom she had simply sealed away under the ground and replaced with android look-alikes, all in an effort to meet her demanding standard for cleanliness and to get the attention of Parks Commissioner Pervis McSlade. At the end of the episode, her plan is revealed to the public and Commissioner McSlade fires her. She is then arrested.

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