“'That's what sharks do. That's a fine tradition. What's the matter with you? Your brother, Frankie, here, he's a killer'
Don Lino compares Frankie to Lenny[src]

Frankie Lino is the tertiary antagonist in Shark Tale. He was Don Lino's son and Lenny's older brother. He is voiced by Michael Imperioli.

Frankie disapproved of Lenny's compassionate nature and although he did love him, he had no qualms about hitting him, despite his mother telling him and Lenny that they shouldn't hit each other. Frankie was later killed when an anchor dropped on him while he was chasing Oscar in an attempt to eat him; his last words to Lenny was, "Moron." when his brother told him the reason why he was cold was because they, as sharks, are coldblooded. During Frankie's state funeral, he was wrapped after the Egyptian-styled embalming. All the sharks, including Lino, mourned and they buried Frankie by opening the fragile box and put him into the burial site for him who died. Later on, the wrapped Frankie floated into the surface.


In Shark Tale

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Vicious, bloodthirsty, an aggressive killer shark, and a true great white, Frankie was the complete opposite of Lenny in personality: Unlike his brother, Frankie wouldn't hesitate to eat any fish if he was hungry and he often got exasperated by Lenny being reluctant to kill anything. He did love and care for his brother, but he sometimes hit him and never hesitated to do so. Frankie is also mean and cruel to Lenny sometimes; at one point in the film, when Frankie jokes to Lino that Lenny being born was an accident, Lenny responds to this by laughing sarcastically and telling Frankie he is a "comic genius".

Frankie would sometimes box with his father, which he liked to do.

Frankie had close relationships with many of his relatives, including his parents as they were completely devastated by his passing.


Frankie was a muscular great white shark. He has a notch in his dorsal fin and a scar on his left cheek.


  • At one point in the film, he is seen at the restaurant eating oyster shells, but real-life sharks eat meat.
  • Frankie seemed to redeem himself before he threw out his last breath.


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