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Gallaxhar is the main antagonist of Dreamworks 2009 animated feature film Monsters vs. Aliens.

He is a squid-like alien with light blue skin and four eyes and purple blood. He is obsessed with an element called Quantonium. It is his search for Quantonium that leads him to Earth. There, he plans to extract the Quantonium, clone an army in his own image and begin a new civilization. Unfortunately, his first attempt to retrieve the Quantonium, by robot probe, fails. His second attempt, which required him to visit Earth, nearly succeeds. He was able to capture Susan, whose body contained the Quantonium, and extract the element from her. However, her monster friends save her and program the computer to cause the ship to self destruct. Although Gallaxhar and most of his clones are destroyed with the ship, a few clones escape on their personal hovering devices.


Gallaxhar is a very evil ruthless alien dictator, and sometimes get into arguments with the Computer.


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