Galran in Kral Zera

The Galra are an alien species from Voltron: Legendary Defender. The majority of them are subjects of Emperor Zarkon and members of the Galra Empire, though some are part of opposition groups like the Blade of Marmora.


The Galra are a humanoid species, but a number of variants or possibly hybrids are known to exist.

The most commonly seen Galra typically have purple or blue skin, yellow eyes, and some possess ridges of horns and/or large, pointed ears. Galra are typically taller than the average human, and like humans have varying body types. Sexual dimorphism is also present among the Galra, with females typically displaying slimmer frames.

While many Galra share common traits, there are a number of notable exceptions to these rules. Antok of the Blade of Marmora was the first Galra to be shown to possess a tail; it is unknown what other atypical traits he may have possessed. Some Galra-notably Prince Lotor and one of his elite female soldiers-possess facial features and hair that are more reminiscent of humans or Alteans than most Galra. Another of these warriors has been shown to have green skin, while another has skin in various shades-predominantly red-as well as a tail-like growth emerging from the top of her head.

Known Galra

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