“Garby (episode)”
Season 1, Episode 6
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Written by Steve Altiere
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Directed by Donna Brockopp
Original air date August 14, 2015
Dinotrux Episodes

"Garby" is the sixth episode of Dinotrux.


After Skrap-It and D-Structs cover their Ore supply in tar during the night, Ty and his friends decide that they need a safe means of storing their food. To that end, Revvit creates blueprints for an ore station, but is somewhat put off when Ty decides that they need help from a "rock expert"-namely, a Stegarbasaurus. After recruiting one by the name of Garby, Ty pairs him up with Revvit to find an ideal rock for construction while he and the other Trux dig the foundation. Revvit is quickly alienated by Garby's personality, Stegarbasaurus traits, and the fact that Garby's suggest rock type is one he himself thought of. Unfortunately, after attempting to keep Garby occupied and away from the build, Revvit ends up being unwittingly swallowed by the Stegarbasaurus.

As Revvit attempts to survive Garby's rock processing systems, Garby joins Ty and the others in searching for him, and they eventually come to believe he's been abducted by D-Structs. They then confront the hostile T-Trux in his cave, only to find Revvit after Garby produces a stone block in which he has been encased. D-Structs collapses the cave entrance, seemingly trapping them inside, and sets his sights on destroying The Garage only to be thwarted by Garby, who not only eats through the blocking rocks but uses his natural abilities to drive off D-Structs. Garby then aids the Trux in building their new ore station-using his own blocks as bricks-and is accepted as an ally by Revvit, only to end up swallowing Ace, Click-Clack, and Waldo during a subsequent meal.





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