“Gearwigs (episode)”
Season 4, Episode 6
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Dinotrux Episodes
"Garby's Gang"

"Gearwigs" is the forty-fifth episode of Dinotrux.


After chasing a lone Scraptor into a cave, D-Structs and his allies are set upon by an unseen menace. Shortly thereafter, Ton-Ton and the Reptools are on a supply run and discover a rock formation that amplifies sound just before they are attacked by Blayde and Splitter. Revvit is able to get Ty and come to their aid, only for them to learn that D-Structs and Pounder are attacking Dozer at the Slide. As the villains have made off with a number of supplies, the Trux and tools are determined to find out their plans, and decide to make use of the sound amplifier structure discovered by Ton-Ton and the tools.

After setting up an amplifier in the Fortress of Fear and a receiver nearby, the Trux are able to learn of D-Structs' plans and arrive at various locations before him. However, the villains eventually figure out how they've been eavesdropping and use it to their advantage, tricking the Trux into the cave. The Trux and tools are then set upon by Gearwigs, but Click-Clack is able to save the day after asserting himself and proposing a solution. With the Trux and tools free, they then follow Click-Clack's next suggestion: driving the Gearwigs into D-Structs' lair to attack him and his allies again.





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